The nature of survival by Desmond Kelly

The nature of survival

For a change, the “title” of this story belongs to just one man, his name? , Doug Lang, who has written the book. As my advice to the readers of eLanka has always been, if you wish to “see” Australia at it’s very best, watch the A.B.C. television programme called ‘Landline”. For my fellow-Lankans, CEYLON, as I prefer to call her, was always, is now, & will always be, one of the most beautiful Countries on God’s Earth. Yes, I did say “one”. What is the other? , well, spread over the area of “many Ceylons”, this Island Continent of Australia, would have to be the other, in my opinion.

Tomorrow, the 10th of October, 2017, has been declared World Mental Health Day. “The nature of survival” has meant something very special, to the writer, as Doug Lang has, is now, & always will be, I suppose, a primary example of what “survival” means.

I certainly do not intend to spread-out the Jack Lang Story in this “story” of mine. Suffice to say that this particular “episode” , I have just watched on “Landline” would have to be one of the more powerful, emotional & yet satisfying television shows, I have ever seen.

Although these “articles” of mine are now read (hopefully) around the World, my main focus is on the many thousands of Lankan/Australians who have migrated & have been accepted into “the Land down under”. Many of us, myself included, sometimes wondered if, maybe, we should have gone somewhere else, to settle down. The more I see shows like Landline & Australian Story, the more convinced I am, that we did the correct thing.

Mental-Health is a HUGE “issue” everywhere in the World. Sadly, people, even young & otherwise healthy people, SUDDENLY hit this “black-hole” of mental depression, ending up in suicide. Obviously, it can happen to anyone. Being no medical expert, I am not going to even “try” to explain this very complex issue.

Australia is doing everything it can to remedy each situation as it comes up. There are several “lines” of advice open to people who “feel” depression in it’s initial stages. TAKE ADVANTAGE of these “help-lines”, as I would call them, BEFORE your situation gets any worse. The.people at the “other end of the line” want to help you and have been trained to do so. Also, try to get books such as “The Nature Of Survival” & read them
which brings me back to Jack & Cheryl Lang.

An Australian family, living in an absolutely glorious “Country” area, and yes, the only difference being that Lanka has all her “beautiful areas” scrunched-up into about 25000 square miles, still, this Aussie-Land boasts many unbelievably beautiful regions spread out over ten times as many hectares & then some.

Australian families, such as the one I am writing about, farmers, cattle-men, miners, & so on, are, once again, in my opinion, some of the nicest people one could ever hope to meet. How do I know this? , well, being in the business that there is “no other business like”, I can tell a “ham-actor” at the moment I see one.
Aussie-Country folk DO NOT “ACT”. They simply tell it as it is, warts & all, and, with the possible exception of one or two, are possibly some of the nicest, most caring people around. Please read “The Nature Of Survival” if & when you can get it & you’ll know exactly what I mean. Also, if you need to, please get in touch with your nearest “Mental-Advisor” A.S.A.P, “Don’t postpone the date, or it may be too late”
P.S. Any “typo-errors” regretted. D.K.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka.

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