by Desmond (Kelly from Colombo). “The Star of eLanka”

Not for another couple of months, thank God, but the more I see of the “ones” up-coming, (personally, I don’t care for either of them), the more I feel that Barak Obama has certainly been the BEST PRESIDENT of the United States of America. This writer is not the type who “jumps on bandwagons”, I have already written a couple of articles on this President who is about to bow-out, in November, this year. Barak Obama has been, and always will be, an extremely intelligent guy, charming, in his approach to people, both officially and unofficially, caring, about the Country he loves and “Presides” over, careful, with the “POWER” that he possesses ( exactly as President John F.Kennedy was during the Cuban Missile Crisis), & altogether, a President with an unmistakeable”presidential bearing” every time he walks in to “give a speech”. His gait is “great”, he speaks with eloquence, he talks “SENSE”, he LOOKS like a President of one of the most powerful Countries on Earth, so what more do we want? . Again, personally, I would have preferred Mr.Barak Obama to “Serve” America & it’s allies, for another “term”, as THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. desmond

As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, I am NOT “into-politics” Lankan, Australian OR American, as a matter of fact, it makes me wonder WHY ANYONE would want to take on the job as Leader of a Nation, especially when this World of ours is in such turmoil, but I do take pride in saying/writing how I feel on behalf, perhaps, of many other Lankan/Aussies who want to, but cannot,say so, for various reasons.

I watched President Obama in the “Ellen-Show” very recently and was truly amazed with the “talents” of the man as well. I have to say that Ellen is an ” excellent ” host, as well. You can tell. The adjective is part of her name. The President, here, became not only her chief “guest”, he chatted, he smiled, even seemed, at times, to be relieved that he was indeed “going to be relieved” of the most important job in the land, shortly.

Finally, he went up to a “stage” made up in the T.V. studio accompanied by Ellen to make an impromptu “speech” to Michelle, his wife, for Valentine’s day, and what a beautiful “Obama-Care” speech it was. She replied to his speech on “skype” & it was obvious how much they “cared” for each other. President Obama has a wonderful “family” behind him too. His two beautiful daughters & a “first-lady” who is not only beautiful, but super-intelligent, as well.

Unfortunately, this family will leave the “White-house” after the election in November but may I just close with this message to you SIR, “YOU HAVE DONE YOUR VERY BEST TO SERVE AMERICA. GO, NOW AND ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR WONDERFUL FAMILY & MAY GOD GO WITH YOU. On behalf of “eLanka”, “Lanka Times” AND Lankan/Australians everywhere.
Desmond (Kelly from Colombo).

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