ACCORDING TO MATTHEW – BY Des Kelly ‘ the star of eLanka’

ACCORDING TO MATTHEW – BY Des Kelly ‘ the star of eLanka’

  While we have been given to believe that the above film has now been completed, dubbed in a couple or three different languages and afforded “rave reviews” even before it has actually been “screened”, this writer now wonders whether the movie title be changed to “ACCORDING TO TRUMP” instead of Matthew? .

     Why?, you may ask. Well, dear reader, I will tell you.

Today, Saturday, the 15th of April, 2017, happens to be the birthday of the North Korean Leader (whose name rhymes with “Son of a gun”) . This guy is going over & above the limit & has to be taught a lesson, ACCORDING TO TRUMP. More nuclear missiles are going to “fired” by oneKim Jon Un,  to celebrate his birthday (or do, he says) , to me, he still seems to be a teenage “podian”, (hairstyle & all), I don’t know how old he is, & frankly, I don’t care, however, he insists on “doing his thing” & the bad part about it is that, this time, he is going to “upset’ someone else who seems to revel in “doing his thing” also, and, if & when BOTH “do their own thing” I am afraid that the repercussions are going to be much worse than “the movie”.

     “Especially for you” dear reader, is the title of my latest volume/s of Compact Discs, featuring many of my previously recorded songs & instrumentals, proudly presented by “eLanka”. Songs, instrumentals and “Original Compositions”, done over the years, done completely “solo”, without the expenditure of so-called “top” recording studios, backing bands, etc., simply because I couldn’t afford them anyway.

Especially for you, is the fact that I refrain from talking about or publicizing “works” still uncompleted.

Especially for you, is also the fact that this “movie” “ACCORDING TO MATTHEW” was “started” years ago.

“BEN HUR” would not have taken soooo long to complete. Now, I will be watching Ben-Hur for the third time, this Easter Weekend. Hopefully, I may be able to “see” Director Rutnum’s film by next Easter, if I am still alive then. Then, especially for you, I will give my readers my own review on the film. (take it or leave it).

     Try as I might, I now find it difficult to concentrate on anything but the fact that our Planet Earth is heading for the “Armageddon” I have just written about
(see “Christianity on t.v.), & this has already been foretold,  “ACCORDING TO MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE & JOHN” (I am now talking about Saint Matthew, not Fr.Matthew Peiris of Sri Lanka). When the CREATOR decides( & the ONLY NOUN for the word is “GOD”), there will not be enough time to even utter the words :- “Ah’m-a-geddon-out-of-here” because, friends, it will be all over, bar the shouting”.!!

     “According to Matthew, according to “Donald”, according to “Des”, I don’t know what the hell (oops), what it all about. Maybe (hopefully), Saturn might be somewhere our younger readers will be able to migrate to, in case this World gets a.little too hot (what with the climatic changes etc), to start a brand new existence there. If they cannot actually live on this fascinating Planet (Saturn), maybe they could make it on one of the “rings” around it. Please think seriously about it.

I will try to find something a little happier to write about after this Easter. Hope all our Lankan/Aussies and Lankans everywhere else enjoyed Easter and all those “eggs”. “ACCORDING TO WHOEVER”, I rest my briefcase.
Desmond Kelly- 
“Star of e’Lanka”.

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