The man who was “Country’s Frank Sinatra (who was supposed to have been technically, the best singer in the World, in his time), George Jones, God rest his Soul, was always a great singer, but the one that made him ultra-famous, was a song that his Management did not want him to record, because, as they put it, this was far too sad a song, and the public would never buy it. George Jones, also nicknamed “the Possum”, told them, in no uncertain terms, that HE loved the song and would record it anyway (and that was that!!). “He stopped loving her today” became one of the biggest Country Hits in history, the Possum, married to Tammy Wynette (female “Star” of the same era), left her, temporarily(it seems), after having had to “ride” his motor mower to the bar in town, when she had hidden away his automobile keys, wanted to make-up with her again, and so, decided to record this particular song (with her), to show her how much he cared. The song is quite an old one, folks,
but I believe that, as a duet, no-one could do it better than Tammy & George. Here, for your enjoyment, then, is the beautiful rendition of “NEAR YOU”

Following “Near you” by Tammy Wynette & George Jones
is a song that could be listened to, and enjoyed 6 days a week, but “Never on Sunday”. The you-tube music clip I picked for you good people out there, was supposed to be sung by Connie Francis, but, when I clicked it on, I noticed that the picture photograph on the clip was certainly not Connie, the beautiful brunette, but Doris Day, the blonde sensation, Star of the Movies as well as, of song.

I wasn’t, in the slightest bit, disappointed. In this day of the Internet, mistakes often happen, no-one is perfect, so I did record the Doris Day version of this song, knowing that my readers would thoroughly enjoy this one, EVEN ON A SUNDAY..

 Desmond Kelly
  Star of eLanka

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