Buddy Musafer – a Tribute by Hussain Jayah

Buddy Musafer – a Tribute by Hussain Jayah

Source: Hussain Jayah FB ( https://www.facebook.com/hussain.jayah )

For those who knew Buddy Musafer.

“A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS  !! That’s what he was, to put it modestly. A household name in most professional areas he worked in. UTA or United French Airlines was one of his favorite work places. It is said that sometimes Buddy had to work the full day in the city office, n thereafter go to the Airport to assist in the flight operations.  Being ALWAYS immaculately dressed, he did not want his well creased trousers to look worn out, especially at the airport with the UTA Stewardesses being around. Being practical, in the afternoons he slipped out of his trousers and sat in his underwear behind the counter unnoticed by the walk- in passengers, and put them on, the way to the airport. It only came to light to his office colleagues n to the entire Travel trade, when one day he worked alone in office n had to issue a ticket to a passenger, and had to walk beyond his seat to pick the ticket from the printer. 

Directly of Sales (DOS) at Galadari Meridien. The only DOS to wear a gold earring and speak French. 

I have so many wonderful memories and stories to share only if there was space n your time to spare. His inseparable pal  Desmond and of course Aruna, who grew up and spent most of the time at Buddy’s n Hassan’s home, so  much so, was branded as a Malay too.  When Des n Buddy got together, its fits of laughter and we realize that life is worth living.

The Angels in heaven are already busy putting up posters announcing “ the arrival of the special Guest Artiste Budrin Musafer, and Hassan will have the honour to usher his beloved brother in with the Honorary Drum Roll. 

“Inna Lillahi wainna Ilaihi Rajioon “

“ Verily we belong to the Almighty and Verily to him do we return !!

Farewell my Dear Friend.

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