“COFFEE-CAPERS” – By Des Kelly


“COFFEE-CAPERS” – By Des Kelly

Most Sri Lankans, now resident in many parts of the world, will tell you that they are Tea-drinkers, the obvious reason being that “Ceylon Tea” is still the best known beverage, EVERYWHERE.!  “Brands” of tea, don’t matter to me. Strangely enough, although tea is grown, manufactured and sold by many well-known Countries, SRI LANKAN Tea is hardly ever heard of, but CEYLON Tea is the drink that everybody seems to prefer. That said, we go on to what this particular “piece” is all about, and that is Coffee. 
     Coffee was also, and still is, quite possibly the preferred morning “cuppa” with breakfast. Coffee was also readily available in the “Ceylon” I grew up in. Always, a bit more expensive to buy, yet, I still remember the “Kiri-Kopi” that our favourite “Thumbies” used to serve, after a  “thosai-feed” at places like the “Saraswathi-Lodge” & “Greenland’s Cafe”, both around the “Bambalawatte Area”, in Colombo.
This Coffee was delicious, the way that the Thumbies poured it into your glass was unique. Milk-Coffee, held at a full arms height, then poured unerringly into the glass, causing a “froth” that had to be seen to be believed. 
Now folks, let us get down to more COFFEE-CAPERS.
Desmond Kelly
Desmond Kelly.
      (Editor-in-Chief).  eLanka.

How to Drink your Coffee- And Enjoy! Not Stirred

 There are some things we do purely due to muscle memory. Other things we do because it’s the done thing; aka convention. We’re not sure which category stirring your coffee falls into, but you need to stop doing it. Today.

This isn’t so much a life hack so much as a “tiny pleasure.” It’s something that I do every day that makes me happy. It doesn’t improve anything except the flavour of my mornings, and everyone should give it a shot. (That’s an espresso pun right there.)

So here’s my tiny pleasure: Every morning I pour myself a cup of coffee, and add in a splash of milk (or any other similar liquid, dairy or non), and I don’t stir it. I get to watch the beautiful cloud-like pattern swim through my coffee, and don’t need to worry about how many days in a row I’ve used that spoon without washing it.

Best of all: Every sip is different. Sometimes the coffee is almost black, sometimes it’s half creamer, and that dynamic flavoring is a great way to perk up first thing in the AM.

I would venture to say it is the morning-beverage equivalent to tasting a glass of Cabernet before and after you’ve let it breathe.

Take a sip and think about how it has evolved since your last sip. Now you’re not just using coffee to deliver caffeine into your system; you’re getting your brain moving and thinking, which is really the best part of waking up.

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