An excellent thought-provoking idea from Neville Davidson, Editor of the Burgher Association in Melbourne, has just arrived, via e’mail, and I lose no time in reiterating his words for the benefit of all our eLanka readers around the World.

I am sure that Neville will agree with me when I say that it really does not matter where we Sri Lankans now reside, we should do everything possible to feed the hungry, whenever & wherever possible. Far too much food is being wasted in THIS Country and every effort should be made, to have all this excess food “collected” and sent off, under refrigeration, of course, to our neighbour 3rd World Countries where food is scarce & people and children are practically starving. Oh, I know that this is being done, even as I write this, BUT, our Governments EVERYWHERE, don’t seem to be able to get their priorities right, spending millions and billions on sometimes unnecessary projects and NOT ENOUGH on the totally NECESSARY task of putting some food into the bellies of hungry people, and providing them with clean water to drink. 

  I feel that Neville has “painted the picture” to perfection, and the accompanying video clip he has sent will cause many a tear. I do hope that we can get together and, in some way, help to reduce this 3rd World starvation JUST THAT LITTLE BIT MORE, so please God, help us to do this.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

World's saddest picture

Spare a thought ……

Whilst Western countries spend trillions of dollars on Wars, going to the Moon, Mars and, destroy billions of dollars’ worth of excess foods in order to keep the price of domestic consumables at their current level, people die in poorer nations. It is an absolutely disgusting capitalist World isn’t it? The trillions of dollars wasted on egotistical national pursuits could have saved most poorer nations from hunger.  


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