Yes, unfortunately, it’s a topsy-turvy World out there. Everywhere one looks, there is nothing but trouble. On this “little blue ball” that astronaut Buzz Aldrin described as a tiny, peaceful-looking “speck”, floating in space, at the time when he was closer to the moon than anybody else I know, Buzz was lucky enough to “see” our planet for what it SHOULD BE. From what I read, while renowned scientists are doing their damndest to prove that this universe was formed by the “big-bang” theory, Astronauts like Neil Alden Armstrong and his team, who were proven to be the first -ever, to walk-on, & travel around, in the closest proximity of “our moon”, seem to think otherwise.

I have never claimed to be a religious person, but, like the gentlemen mentioned above, I do believe that “God Is”, two simple words that tell us that there IS a God, up there, somewhere, who created this Universe, a God who already had plenty of angels around him, including one renegade by the name of Lucifer who ended up in a firey “hell”, prompting the well-known World-War 2 song “Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag” with part of the lyrics being”Lend me a “lucifer” to light your fag” (and we all know who Lucifer is now, don’t we?)

I have my own way of writing these things, but my belief is that God got rather bored with HIS peaceful, QUIET surroundings and decided to make this “BIG-BANG”, and, when HE made a big bang, it WAS a BIG BANG.! ! There, you have it.! Then, with his band of angels flying around on their gossamer wings, they had a big party and, would you believe it? ,some other angels, prodded on by old Lucifer tried to gate-crash this party and were thrown out by the “Big Boss”. These are the “devils” I will talk about a little later. This is the adequate time however for me to tell my good readers that SEVENTY (give or take) one or two Virgins do not exist in Heaven. They are hard enough to find on Earth even, as a matter of fact. This being the case, there is is no point “killing yourself” to go looking for them . If any of my Larrikin friends wanted to become Astronauts and fly to the Moon, Mars, or wherever else, they might encounter these mystical Virgins, but here, on this “big blue ball”, this is what the more sensible people term, “BRAIN-WASHING”. Wherever they “wash” these brains, they obviously do a bloody good job because these poor brain-washed fools will kill others, or be killed themselves in order to meet up with these ladies born under the “Virgo-sign”,(the Virgins, of course).

It would possibly take me a year or three to write a book of about 352 pages on everything that is amiss on our Planet at the moment. We have just had an election in Australia, oops, old news mate, just bloody progress, will you? !, now, there is an election due in the most powerful Nation on Earth, in November, this year. America is the biggest ally that Australia has, and vice-versa. This is all very good, but, forewarned is forearmed. I am uncertain about how many eLanka readers will remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 60’s?. The mere “press of a button” by either America or Russia could have meant the “end of the World” as we know it. We are very lucky indeed, that both President Kennedy & President Kruschev, with the help and advice from their trusted staff, refrained from starting World War 3, Armageddon, Curtains, finite, or whatever else you would call it. Many of us do not even realize, and some have now forgotten that we are still “living” because of the “Political-Nous” of just two Mr.K’s. This is the third Mr.K. humbly thanking these two gentlemen for their patience and taking their individual fingers off those two little RED BUTTONS. ONE PUSH, AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN ALL OVER, RED ROVER!!. Thousands of missiles would have been launched together with other various W.O.D.(weapons of destruction) & old Saddam had not even been heard of, then. The U.S.A. & Russia would have “ENDED IT”!!.

We, in Australia thought our recent Election-Campaign was over- long, Boy!, they were over in the blink of an eye, in comparison to the up-coming American one which started way back in 2015,(I think), I do not care about what anybody says, I do think that President Obama has done a fine job under very difficult circumstances. I have always admired the man, the “charisma” that stands out whenever he is called upon to give a speech, his choice of one of the most beautiful “first-ladies” to grace the White-house, Michelle, & overall, the calm, distinguished manner in which he has held the post of the most powerful man in the World.

I am quite willing to admit that Politics” in general, Australian OR American, is not “my thing”, but eLanka has given me the chance of “getting in my 2 cents worth”, so here goes. In Australia, we now have what I have previously termed “A well-hung” Parliment, and,although there will obviously be the odd “skirmish”, Aussies WILL BE better off in the long term.

In America, even Superman will not have any effect on the “gun-lobby” over there. The main task of the incoming President will be to legislate a more sensible enacting of the “GUN-LAWS” in the Country.

Do not sell guns. especially the high-powered ones that should only be used by the “Forces”, to anyone who wants to buy one. Do not try to get rid of the Gun-Lobby. That will NEVER happen, & I don’t care WHO the next President will be, BUT, MUCH MORE STRINGENT GUN-LAWS might be the answer to stopping, or, at least lessening all the totally unnecessary shooting of innocents in America. Spraying bullets around should be stopped forthwith.

Forewarned is forearmed, an apt phrase for the future President of the United States of America. This President will have to constantly remember the phrase and “stop the rot before the rot sets in”. We, Lankans in Australia, and, as a matter of fact, ALL Australians have nothing to do with American laws, but, in this “topsy-turvy” World, mentioned at the very beginning of this “article”, we, as the main allies of the U.S.of A, will be heavily involved with “any trouble”that America brings on herself. This is what “allies” are all about. As usual, both nominees Republican and Democrat are now making the usual “Political-Promises” , one of them have already been resident in the White-House for a while, previously, and the other has perhaps a few Multi-colored houses around the place, makes comments that sound politically absurd and “irks”everybody, BOTH of them should take all the precautionary measures necessary, just as one of their greatest predecessors J.F.K. did in the 1960’s.

Then, it was Russia, right now, it could be another large Country with nuclear capabilities.

“FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED”  Desmond Kelly for eLanka.

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