HALGOLLA PLANTATION HOME – the unique sri lankan experience – January 2020



Padeniya temple

An unusual structure adjacent to the Padeniya temple which itself contains a potpourri of architectural styles from over the centuries in Sri Lanka – a mornings visit from HPH


HALGOLLA PLANTATION HOME – the unique sri lankan experience –
January 2020

We’ve had (yet another) major swing in the matter of government change subsequent to the last general election and, despite the usual “hiccups of democracy,” things seem to be progressing okay, particularly for those visiting Sri Lanka from other parts of the world. The author of this

The historic roofing on a building at Padeniya temple – much like shingles of a later time

newsletter continues with a daily regimen which seeks to cope with the ravages of age, inclusive of a reduction in mobility and, overall, is holding on if not “holding his own!” We recently had the son (and spouse) of a first cousin of yours truly, born and raised in Canada, make his first trip to Sri Lanka, spending time with us and it provided us with the opportunity of going down

For January, as in past months, we’ll continue our
“Surprise Basket of HPH goodies,” which appears to delight our guests as they take their leave of us!
Acknowledgements of HPH’s Excellence
■ Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor
■ Rated as Best Home Stay in Sri Lanka
■ Recommended by Bradt Travel Guide for Sri Lanka

HPH from the garden below

memory lane to fill them in on family history etc. That’s a task that falls to us increasingly often as we prove to be survivors of a dwindling generation!
Our meagre work force continues to cope with the immediate tasks at hand and a significant part of their efforts has been directed at general maintenance of the vanilla patch and preventing the wild boar and porcupines doing more damage to that sensitive crop, with more success than failure fortunately.

The monkey menace is a different kettle of fish with our little patch being seen as a corner of heaven in a devastated landscape by the simians. However, our battle against their intrusions will continue unabated since we have little other choice!
The weather, as in most parts of the world, continues unpredictable, though we’ve been spared the cloudbursts

Praying mantis

that have hit so many parts of Sri Lanka with devastating effect.
Biso’s ultra-energetic grandson – nickname “Sudha” – continues to provide us with a computer consultancy service restricted only by his lack of fluency in English. However, what he lacks in language fluency he almost makes up for in great enthusiasm. Even a part of his family’s life story with his mother and grandmother as participants would qualify as a front-runner in the “fact is stranger than fiction” stakes. Unfortunately, the recounting of this narrative is beyond the scope of a Newsletter such as this.

Mgambo/Black Pearl (Majidea zanguebarica)

With all good wishes,
Arlene & Emil



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