“INDIAN SUMMER ” – By Des Kelly

“INDIAN SUMMER ” – By Des Kelly


“Summer, oh you Indian Summer”. What a song, what a Season ?, how many of our readers would be aware of all this information ?. Well, I am happy to say, that via a good friend named Max, I am able to furnish you all with these most interesting facts. My Lovely Island Home was once a part of this huge Motherland, India, and this is indeed a tribute to that great Country.

Desmond Kelly

 Desmond Kelly
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka. 

Trump, Putin and Xi were arguing on Who’s in charge of the world?… US,

Russia or China?
Without any conclusion, they turned to Modi and asked him Who’s in charge
of the world?…
Modi’s replied ‘All I know is’:-
1. Google CEO is an Indian
2. Microsoft CEO is an Indian
3. Citigroup CEO was an Indian
4. SoftBank Vision Fund CEO is an Indian
5. Adobe CEO is an Indian
6. NetApp CEO is an Indian
7. PepsiCo CEO was an Indian
8. Nokia CEO is an Indian
9. MasterCard CEO is an Indian
10. DBS CEO is an Indian
11. Cognizant CEO was an Indian
12. Novartis CEO is an Indian
13. Conduent CEO was an Indian
14. Diageo CEO is an Indian
15. SanDisk CEO was an Indian
16. Motorola CEO was an Indian
17. Harman CEO is an Indian
18. Micron CEO is an Indian
19. Palo Alto Networks CEO is an Indian
20. Reckitt Benckiser CEO is an Indian
21. Now IBM CEO is also an Indian origin guy

Not to forget the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the UK, is an Indian !
Land Rover Jaguar is owned by Tata who owns Tata Motors in India.

So who’s running the world?…

You decide!


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