“I’ve got the blues” by Des Kelly

“I’ve got the blues” by Des Kelly

“The proof is in the pudding, at this moment, right now, I’ve got the blues”, folks, my eLanka readers, friends & fans,

This guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd & his “Blues Band” is truly SOMETHING ELSE !. I believe that THEY will be touring Australia in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, Adelaide is not on the agenda, this time & boy !, don’t they have the “blues” about it ?.


     Normally, my “forte” is “Country Music”, but also because I have been kindly given the “title” of “Mr.Music”, which I hope I deserve, I do try to bring to my readers, only the very BEST of every type of Music I think, deserves due publicity.

eLanka & it’s editor try our best to provide our members, now 20.000 & counting, only the “Cream” of the “News” that has just “broken”, not any old “Breaking News” as the Media

are prone to call it, nowadays, the best “Articles” & Stories that would be a source of entertainment for people to read “on line”, the best “Personal Advertising” that costs less, but delivers more, and most importantly, the BEST Music Clips, from “You-Tube” (as chosen by your’s truly), gratis, with absolutely NO financial gain, by this Website. 


     eLanka is already a “trophy-winning” Website, but I’ve got the blues folks, because all I can now do, is write about these “Showbiz Celebrities”, and not even attend their shows, because a Spinal complaint prevents me from going anywhere. I’ve done lost my good thing, as Kenny Shepherd says in his song, but I still revel in the music backing provided by his keyboard player, followed by his lead-guitarist. Folks, listen & enjoy the “best of the best”.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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