Man’s Best Friends By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Man’s Best Friends

By Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’



The well-known phrase used to be in the singular, as far as “friends”was concerned, and they still are. Dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments, whatever, once you are “owned” by one, he/she is still quite possibly, the best companion man could ever have, and I talk from personal experience. I have had many dogs, male & female, during my life, until now. My biggest regret is, that because of a medical condition, and because of my “old-age”, I am not able to keep any pets at all, as if you have a pet, they rely on you to look after them. I have had, and trained, several German Shepherds, used them for my work as a Security Officer, have had about three of them as personal “pets” at home, in Melbourne, I have even “owned” a Great Dane, many of the larger breeds of first class “Mongrels”, and finally, I “took on” Bobby, a tiny little Silky Terrier, who was much more aggressive (with anyone else), who would even come close to me. He was certainly not popular with the rest of my immediate family either, as he had “attacked” them all, at one time or, more often, the other. Bobby was “my dog”, and went out of his way, to show it. He died of old age, I loved him more, I suppose, because, at heart, I am a confirmed animal-lover. I love all animals, from Elephants to the tiniest mouse, birds, from the Eagle to the Sparrow, Ducks & “Chooks”(and look at the way THEY are treated now). Little “black-ants” are my pets now. I watch them in amazement, as the little “Regiments” wend their way around my kitchen, under the tiling, only coming out at night for the little bits of poached egg-white I leave on the window sill, for them. At the moment, they must be the fattest little black ants in Melbourne.

While I am on the subject, except for my immediate family (my three boys & one girl), I regret to say, that genuine “friends” of mine can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They come & go, like flakes of snow, and where to ?, I will never know. Sad ?, yes, depressing ?, No. I have no time to be depressed folks, too busy, writing for eLanka.

I am 82 years old, this year (2018), have already had at least two “hectic” lives, 26 years of them in Ceylon, “My lovely Island Home”, & now, 56 doubly hectic years in Australia.

Without any “bragging” whatsoever, the details of some of the “been there, done that”, syndrome will “suddenly” appear from time to time in my “writings”, so let us now concentrate on “Man’s best friends”. Now & again, I still receive the odd e’mail that catches my attention. Of the dozens that I do get, there are those that are far too poignant to delete, and so, because I would love to share them with my readers, I also say “thank you” to Neil Jayasekera , the owner of “eLanka” who coordinates my efforts in bringing you, our readers these very special video “clips” for your enjoyment and/or entertainment. I say again, there is NO financial gain whatsoever, as regards these special “clips” which are not the property of eLanka, BUT are “out there” on the Internet, on You-tube, & the like, anyway..

Please watch these “clips” if you have already not done so, enjoy them (because this is what they are for) & please DO make your “comments” which I will either “archive” or “delete” on the spot, depending on what they are, of course

If you have any “clips” that you may like to see given even more publicity, send them to me on & I will do my best to put in some “background scenario” & let our eLanka members & readers enjoy them also. I do not guarantee that all “clips” will be shown. I do my best to pick the best ones, and here are two if them.

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka.

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