ALERIC’S MILK-SHAKE-DUCK by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

That is how silly the present Media is getting, folks.

The Milk-Shake Duck going viral, and, serve them right, they ARE racist, because they forgot (on purpose)to mention Sri Lanka’s “Aleric”s”, without any doubt, whatsoever, the BEST Milk-Shake-Makers in the World, where, on exceptionally special occasions, this writer would share one, with one of the most beautiful girls of the 50’s era (from Ceylon, of course), after “cutting-College” (St.Peter’s of Bambalapitiya),

making a bee-line for the ” Holy Family Convent”, also in Bambalapitiya, in the early PM, to help her carry her books, walk together on the beach, until we arrived at Kinross Avenue, which led up to the Galle Road, cross over, turn left, and there you are, Aleric’s. Nobody knew HER then, nobody knew ME either, but, had her father caught me there with her

I would quite possibly not be writing this right now. We were both very young, you see, I was fifteen, she was fourteen. 

There will be a much more “detailed” story coming up on eLanka soon. The “title” of the “song-video-clip” for that one will definitely be “Young Love”, but, stick to the bloody story you are writing NOW Des!!, this one is about Milkshake DUCKS, what the?!!. Never mind all the “crap”, that is going on. Our “English” in Australia, our Step-Mother-Land, should be getting better, not worse. 

For a start, “Milkshake Duck” consists of TWO bloody words, unless, like I WAS, the Media is also pretty rotten at arithmetic. EVEN I know that this “new phrase” unless we prefer to use it “Verbally” as  “Milkshake, duck”!, has TWO separate words. Is the World going senile before I do ?.

Please don’t answer that, because I already know what you are going to say. 

Digressing now, as my favourite Author Leon Uris occasionally does, I now come to another favourite “Country Singer” of mine, Tom.T.Hall (the storyteller), as he is known, who sings for all you lucky eLanka viewers, this relevant song, “I love”(little baby ducks). Whether or not, he also loved milkshakes, I haven’t a clue, but here goes, folks,

Chuckle the wrinkles from your face, listen, watch & enjoy.


The Story-teller.

Desmond Kelly.

Star of eLanka

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