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Rise Up Sri Lanka – by Rukshan Perera

“Rise Up Sri Lanka”, a song dedicated to those who said good bye to us on Easter Sunday 21st April 2019, those who survived the brutal attacks, and to their families. In their name, let us all (Sri Lankan communities, races and religions) together rise up in love, unity, respect and harmony and rebuild our beautiful country, Sri Lanka. Composed and sung by Rukshan Perera, Backup Vocals Sohan Weerasinghe and Choro Calibre. Music by Rukshan.


Rise Up Sri Lanka

Innocent lives, on early morn, faced their final call,
A nation grieves, with blood and tears, pasted on the walls,
Is this a dream or reality,
With heavy hearts, let us sing out loud,

Rise up rise up my Sri Lanka,
We shall overcome we are one,
Rise up rise up my Sri Lanka,
Unite the land, and stand together as one, Sri Lanka
(Rise up, rise up/// Sri Lanka)

We’ll walk the land, soothe our souls, heal our bleeding hearts,
We’ll wipe our tears and share the love, we pledge to do our part,
United we are more than ever,
With all our strength, let us sing out loud,

Many a races, multi-religions, holding hands as one,
Freedom, honour, dignity, respect for everyone,
United we are more than ever,
For the world to hear, let us sing out loud,

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Tanisha and Tishona Thayaparan sisters from Sydney at The Fairway Galle Literary Festival – historic Dutch Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Tanisha and Tishona Thayaparan1 Tanisha and Tishona Thayaparan1 Tanisha and Tishona Thayaparan1



The Fairway Galle Literary Festival, since first launching in 2007 has become one of the most anticipated literary events in south east Asia for both authors and literary enthusiasts around the world.

The festival is celebrated annually, in and around the historic Dutch Galle Fort, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the southern shores of the tropical isle of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

It was an exciting opportunity and a great honour for two sisters from Sydney Australia who were on a holiday to their motherland, to be invited by the directed of Soul Sounds, Soundarie David, to perform at one of the evening events.

Tanisha and Tishona Thayaparan, two sisters, have travelled and performed with their singing school, Platinum Vocal Studio, at many famous international venues. However this was an unexpected opportunity and they enjoyed their first performance in Sri Lanka.

Tanisha has travelled to USA and performed at Trump Tower, Carnegie Hall, Empire State Building, London Tower Bridge Fringe Festival, Paris DisneyStudio, Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and Universal Studios Singapore.

Tishona started singing just over a year ago.


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“Chiseled in Stone” by Des Kelly

Born in Alabama, Vern Gosdin was known around the World of “Country Music”, as “The Voice”, and it is easy to see why. He had no less than 19 top ten solo “hits” from 1977-1990, three of them ending on the top rung of the “Country” charts.

Taking them in order, as I see the story-telling capabilities of my favourite music, they were :-
“Set em up Joe, I’m still crazy”, & to his beautiful dancing partner (of the night),”I can tell by the way you dance (you’re gonna love me tonight). Now, if that isn’t “telling a story'”, I wouldn’t know what is.!


Typically, as it was with so many other great “Stars” of Country Music, Vern & brother Rex were born into a very poor family, both loved Gospel Music with a passion, idolized the “Louvin Brothers”& Vern, as a young man, first sang in a Gospel Quartet in Alabama.

He might not have been as “big” & famous as people such as Merle Haggard, George Jones. and Ray Price, but to me, Vern Gosdin has the pure sound of a true story-teller of Country Music, and I am certain that anyone out there who loves good music and the singing of “The Voice”, will agree with me.

Vern Gosdin was born on the 5th of August 1934, sang his heart out, with brother Rex, as “they” were hangin out, as the Gosdin Brothers, & that just about does it, as he left a huge hole in Country music, when he died of a stroke on the 28th of April, 2009, at the age of 74, but, folks, his name will always be “CHISELED IN STONE” as far as I am concerned.


Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

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DECLAN DECLARED (“Don’t tell me what to do”) – By Des Kelly

It’s time for a bit of globe-trotting, for, & on behalf of eLanka. “Your’s truly” has been concentrating on the Stars and Icons of “Country Music”, U.S.A., so, I have decided that, as there are many”big names” in the Musical Showbiz all around this Planet of ours, it is high time our readers enjoyed those whom, I think, fit the bill as far as superb entertainment is concerned.

     Declan Nerney, an Irish singer/songwriter, was born in Drumlish County, Longford and started his career at 16 years of age, in a local band, “The hi-lows” but his big break came with his autobiographical song “The Marquee in Drumlish”. Although not a Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings in stature, Declan was “big” in his love of music, especially Irish folk/Country, & recorded both, in Ireand & later, America.

     Also featured in this particular article, are a “duo” considered to be one of the finest in “Erin”, the fabulous Mick Foster & Tony Allen. The “Foster & Allen Duo” have been around for 40+ years, and released more than 30 albums, many of which entered the U.K.Albums’ charts.


     It certainly feels good to feature these Irishmen, and, as a tidbit of extra information, when Declan Nerney was advised not to bother about going to Nashville to record any material over there, he was quite definite, when Declan declared “Don’t tell me what to do” & did just that. Typical Irishman. Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, please enjoy.!


Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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“SAMMY SINGS” by Des Kelly

A typical “honky-tonk” song of the mid 1950’s, written by Luke McDaniel, first recorded in 1962, it was the symbol of what “Country Songs” were all about. George Jones, reputed to be the “Sinatra of Country”(Frank Sinatra who  earned his undisputed fame as, technically the best singer in the World, was not called “The Voice” for nothing), so this little “Possum”as Jones was nicknamed, affectionately, of course, was eventually compared with “old blue eyes”, because every song that he recorded, either solo, with ex-wife Tammy Wynette, or anyone else, had the “feeling” that nobody could sing like George Jones, God rest his soul.


     This is not a 100% correct. As I have indicated several times before, in my articles for eLanka, I do not pick any “You-tube” relevant music clip at random. I do take the trouble of going through dozens of these clips, to pick only the very best for my readers. For example, there was a clip with this superb singer trying his best, as always, to sing with a band “on-stage” that was far too loud, the mike that George was using wasn’t the best, and it looked to me, that the great man got fed-up with the whole thing before the first verse was sung. This was George Jones, ladies & gentlemen. The only thing that kept him going, to finish the clip was his professionalism . 


     After George passed on, there were about a dozen “tribute-shows” in his honour. I love the way Sammy sings.

Sammy Kershaw, in my opinion did George Jones proud, singing a song with a typical honky tonk flavour. Where else, except in “Country Music” would you hear lyrics such as these ?, “An empty bottle, a broken heart, and you’re still on my mind”. Please enjoy a great old song, a great young singer, backed by a great band, in tribute to one of the greatest entertainers in Country Music. Ladies & Gentlemen

I give you, Sammy Kershaw.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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