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The Drink – 3D – By Desmond Kelly

My dear eLanka readers, one & all, this “video-clip” featured for your enjoyment (only), is not 3 dimensional.

However, forget the foreign “lingo” imprinted on this Masterpiece and please only remember that my song, recorded a few years ago was the “hit” Wadakaha-sudhiya”, or, “The Drink”, as I “titled” it, for the “kalu-puka Suddhas” who followed me to Australia & then completely forgot the wonderful ” Sinhala-language” after being resident here for about 10 minutes. 

     “Stop carrying on like a bloody 2 bob watch, Des & tell us your reasons for this brief “title”.

“O.k, o.k, men, don’t get your amuday in a knot and I will tell”

     “3D” stands for “Dwarf Daniel & Dezabel” (she looks a bit of a Jezabel, but then, who cares?”. Sometimes, even I get my “spelling” wrong !.

     The first part of my song, like many of the “Singlish” ones I have written, always explains what the song is about, in Oxford English.(I pride myself in the use of our Queen Elizabeth’s English), then, of course, there is the “pure” Sinhalese, I can still read, write, & sing in. 

     The “chorus” of  “the drink” for all you new Lankan Aussies who want to “sing-along” with me, means exactly as it sounds. 

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (she drank this crazy drink)

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (means same bloody thing)

“Anay magay Emily-panay, kiyanda ko attha anay

“Please, anay, my Emily-life, tell me the truth, anay

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya ( do I have to keep repeating myself”)?,

     Just, as a matter of interest, folks, ANOTHER GROSS VERSION of this same song, sung by the same great singer (guess who)?, is now circulating in Australia.To the unknown producer,  all I can say is, ” If you want to “repeat” these ” classic-clips”, always try to bring your viewers something different. Try to show that you are just a little more intelligent than you look, and try not to be incognito.


Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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In one word, “priceless”. Why do we go on about Icons of  “Country Music”?, again, in simple terms, because of “Stars” like Ray Price. A former protege of Hank Williams, Snr. who wrote a special song for his pal Ray, after meeting him and hearing what he (Ray) could do, with a song, Hank wrote “Weary Blues, from waiting”with Ray “chipping in” for good measure. The song, however was ” copyrighted” to Hank.W.

Hank Williams & Ray Price formed a partnership which would have lasted, but for the untimely death of Hank, who succumbed to a heart-attack in his limousine, on the way to a “gig”, aged just 29.  

     Ray Price, although devastated by the death of his pal, carried on writing songs, singing them (and others), married the love of his life, Jane, or Janie, as she was known & remained happily married to her for 43 years. Their son, Clifford  (Cliff), following his famous father’s footsteps, sang & played guitar. Both are featured in my story.

     Ray Price died at 87, after having suffered pancreatic cancer, and his final album was, in fact, akin to a continuous “love-letter” to Janie. When he died on the 16th of Dec. 2013, all “fans” of the ” best music in the World” lost a true Gentleman with a voice of gold. He was always one of my “favourites” too, and I am privileged to share his talent with all my eLanka readers. What Price, Music?, priceless, when performed by Stars like Ray Price, God rest his soul.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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“MOTHERS’ DAY” by Des Kelly

Firstly, a very Happy Mother’s day to every Woman on Earth, who comes under this unique “title”. To all those who have been Mothers, (happy Mother’s day, Mum, R.I.P), for those who are Mothers right now, and for those who will be, in the future, no matter where or when, eLanka wishes “you” only the very best, in the field that God, in his wisdom, has chosen for you. YOU are the salt of his Universe, you are HIS creator of Man, without you, there would be NOTHING, and this is why we now celebrate Mothers’ day.

I have written a song “The many stages of a Woman”, the chorus being “The many stages of a Woman,

all thru her entire life,

from baby, to teenager,

then, to a MOTHER, and a wife,

there isn’t anything more certain,

the most precious treasure found,

is undoubtedly a Woman,

SHE makes this whole World go around”.

This song was especially dedicated to Michelle, my only daughter, a dedicated Mother, herself, so, “happy Mother”s day, sweetheart”. She knows, only too well, how much I do respect Women. No matter how much they suffer, to bring them forth, to see a Mother hold a new baby in her arms for the first time, is a picture that could not be captured by the greatest Artists on this Planet.


This is the simple reason that ANY MAN would have to respect Women in general. Although God created Eve,(not Steve), for Adam, he (Adam), the first Man, knew instinctively that he could not create ANYTHING without the help of his Woman, Eve. So, came Cain & Abel, 2nd fiddles in creation, actually, as I really do not know whether Cain OR Abel were able to produce any baby girls,after leaving Ceylon(the Original garden of Eden), exactly like me, as Michelle was “manufactured” in Ceylon, but “produced” in Australia, I am afraid that I will have to leave my “Bible-studies” at that juncture.


Seriously, on Mothers’ day, 2018, on behalf of eLanka & every self–respecting Lankan man everywhere, the recognition and respect of Women, is a “MUST”.Also,  No matter which Country you come from, remember guys, that Women are NOT 2nd-class Citizens. In most cases, they are brainer than YOU, still, they seem to be lesser in number in every Profession around. Anyway, I say, from the C.E.O. to the O.C.W (Ordinary Cleaning Woman), (somehow, more plentiful nowadays),  every one of them deserves the full respect of the “masculine gender”. Once again, happy Mothers’ day, to all of you & God bless you all.

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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“THIS IS LIFE”.- By Des Kelly

Both of them started their lives never dreaming of the “Stardom” that was to come their way. Tammy Wynette and George Jones, their names would have to be known by ex-Lankans & others, even “settled-down” at the moment, at the centre of the Arctic Circle, so very famous, are they. Both started far from affluence, George, having to join the Marines to “help” a large, but impoverished family, Tammy, actually picking cotton as a very young girl, prompting her to always keep a bowl of cotton-wool in her home, even after stardom.

     As I have always said (& written), the term “this is life”

could not be better said (or sung), in anything but Country Music. The harshest critics of this music will have to agree that Country music, especially by these two, will bring tears into the eyes of the listener, whenever or wherever they hear it.

     Both Tammy, and George, rate in the top 3 of my favourite “Stars”. Both have voices that come forth with such “feeling & warmth”, it seems impossible for either to sing a “bad song”. Both of them look good as they do their thing, both of them reached the top rung of the “showbiz” ladder.

Tammy Wynette, whose “Stand by your man”(hit), should have taught her a lesson, but really did not, as she stood by 5 husbands & George Jones was one of them. She died tragically at the young age of 55, most of those years spent in pain, both physically & mentally. I will present my eLanka readers with more “clips” of Tammy’s solo performances as we remember them. Tammy, rest in peace now. I loved you, as did George & thousands of other Country Music lovers.

     George Jones, being a Marine of the U.S. was just about the only period of time when he had some discipline drilled into him, however, he was always a rebel at heart. Later on, he was acclaimed as the ultimate ” singer” of Country Music. Nicknames such as ” Possum” & “No-show” Jones did nothing to deter him from singing every lyric of every song he ever sang, as if was truly saying “THIS IS LIFE”.

George Jones died at 81 years of age, but I will never forget you, your songs & the way you sang them. R.I.P. George Jones, one of the greatest “Country Stars” of all time.

Desmond Kelly

  Star of eLanka




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For the first time, a song composed by Jessi Colter, beautiful, talented performer, wife of “Country Icon” Waylon Jennings, has been “covered” by many Artistes, simply because it is a great song. eLanka readers have been promised that only the very best musical clips will be chosen by “yours truly”, for your listening (and viewing pleasure), and this is no different.


One of the BEST Country singers is none other than Gene Watson. This is easy to see, through almost every song he sings. Here, “For the first time” is a trifecta of Grene ` songs for you, dear readers. If you enjoy superb music, written by extraordinary song-writers, performed by “STARS” of Country music, sit back & enjoy G.W. performing 3 top hits, this one, “-For the first time” getting him into the limelight, in Nashville surroundings, “And then, you came along”, continuing with another tragic “Country Love Story”, to end with the final, “Couldn’t love have picked a better place to die”(a fairly lengthy title) but still another beautiful song, made even better, by the man who sings it. The one & only Gene Watson.

I heard the above song, many years ago, loved it then, and love it even more, sung by one of the best in the business. These songs, in my own opinion, are in a class of their own, and would have to be a welcome bonus for all of my friends out there. “For the first time”, enjoy.



Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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Very few, & far, between, these “Diamond Wedding Anniversaries” nowadays. All the more reason for us at eLanka to celebrate a very special one indeed, and we have, as all our readers would have noticed very recently.

“However, Dr. Harold & Irangani, on a personal note, as it is better late, than never, let me wish you & your dear wife, God’s blessings, on this momentous occasion, with many more of the same to come”

Dr.Harold, as he is affectionately known to thousands of our Countrymen, Women, & others, has offered us his wide expertise in everything to do with a healthier life generally.

He is a regular contributor to eLanka as well, and it is on behalf of both eLanka & The Lanka Times, that I take the chance to wish these two fine Sri Lankans only the very best in their future life together. I also take the chance to dedicate the lyrics of an “Anniversary-Song” I wrote, many moons ago. Apologies for the tardy congratulations, Dr.Harold, but I have just spent a month in hospital, so this is my excuse. This is dedicated to Irangani & Dr.Harold Gunatillake.



Another year has come & gone,

since the day our love was born,

though, to me, it seems, not very long ago,

we’ve had good times, we’ve had bad,

sometimes happy, sometimes sad,

but through every passing day, I’ve loved you so.


There were many happy tears,

there were many sudden fears,

so many times I thought our love could never be,

but, through every joy & fear,

fate has made it pretty clear,

all this means, that you were only meant for me.


There were times we had to part,

and it made the teardrops start,

there were times when we were close, yet, far away,

but these were just a few bad dreams,

and, right now, to me, it seems,

you are in my heart, and there, you’ll always stay.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.


“Happy Diamond Anniversary, Harold & Irangani”.

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“YES OR NO”? – By Des Kelly

     It is on the news in Australia right now. All my Lankan/Aussie readers will probably seen “this case” on television a couple of dozen times already, as this medium, along with the “Press” repeat “breaking news”, as they call it, so often, people do become blaze, and, after a while, lose interest in the story altogether. Because of this, I refrain from using the “names” of the people involved in this one, suffice to say that ” the age of consent” here, is what we are talking about, the age of consent for sex, as a matter of fact.


     This IS a somewhat different story though. This young female goes out to enjoy herself at some venue one evening, being alone, this young guy asks her very politely for a dance, hardly gets the chance to even find out who she is, (the music is probably too bloody loud, anyway), asks her to go outside where it is a little quieter, takes her to a dark alley, tells her to get down on her hands & knees to thrill her with some anal sex, and she does. 


     What is the matter with this bloke?. Because he is a relative of the owner of the venue, does he feel as though he could do this anytime he wanted to, does this mean that his hormones are functioning much more than those of the other young guys around. Does it mean that he can get out his “wedding tackle” & use it anyway he prefers?. Should he not have taken this girl to a quiet motel, asked her politely to undress, then politely ask her if it was o.k, to have sex with he(also politely, as he had done, so many times) & THEN have his way with her in the ” Missionary position” for starters. Then, of course, there would not be a Court-case & I would have nothing to write about, except music, for eLanka, my favourite website. I do feel a little jealous about this young man because I felt that I was quick on the uptake too, but, for a “fast-worker”, this guy takes first prize.


     He then goes to Court (she made it necessary for him to go there), and says (swearing on the Bible) that he was under the impression that “the lightning-affair” was consensual. “She was more COMFORTABLE on her hands and knees”. Can you believe this dear reader ?. We have to, I suppose, after all, one certain President of the U.S.A. swore that he NEVER had intercourse with THAT woman & maybe that was true, after all, by all accounts, SHE”had sexual “Ountercourse” with HIM!!. Another President, & I won’t mention his name either, is facing many more accusations than the ONE “stormy” relationship he is supposed to have had.


     What is the matter with this girl ?. Why couldn’t she find a partner to accompany her to this dance party ?, Why did she not refuse his  invitation to dance”?, why did she agree to go out into the dark night with the guy she had just met?, why didn’t she refuse to get down on her hands & knees ? She could have told him that she did not want to scratch her knees on the gravel, “why don’t we go into your comfortable bedroom & have it off, there, mate, on my back, in a more comfortable position for me, or simply say, “NO” & if he persisted, inquire of him “What part of “no” don’t you understand”as the beautiful Lorrie Morgan sings in my ” music-clip for this story.


“YES, OR NO” It is as simple as that. Provided both partners are of “legal-age”, provided that both partners are “In the mood”, you either want it or you don’t, and must not be pressurised into “doing it”. If you go out dancing, and you happen to be a young female especially, you have to remember that every “move” you make initially, sets off this ” Vertical expression of horizontal desire” in your partner, as was the “male-lead” of my story, today. 


desmond kelly Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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