“NOBODY’S CHILD” – By Des Kelly


“NOBODY’S CHILD” – By Des Kelly

  A somewhat different “introduction” to the true story that follows, is an old song that I have sung many times in the past. It was written in 1949 by Cy Coben & Mel.Foree, and immediately chosen by Hank Snow, a Canadian Country Singer, who recorded on the Atco Records label, making it one of his first standard hits.

     As I have always said, right from the very start, it was Country Music that “painted” the stories of “life” as it happened. There are many “sad songs” in Country Music, yet, these “stories” have to be told, in a way that they will then become unforgettable. This particular story is also about an “Orphan”, the one in the song being even sadder because of the blindness that affected him. 

     However folks, please listen to the song, read the relevant article, and consider the fact that WE are luckier than many people around us.

Desmond Kelly

           Desmond Kelly.

         (Editor-in-Chief).  eLanka. 



Most Brilliant post I have ever read ………..

Son decides to admit the father in the old age home as desired by his wife (the daughter in law).

He brings his father in the car to an Orphanage cum old age home run by a Christian priest.

The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC , Veg etc. Father says No TV, AC etc.

Son goes out to bring luggage from car. The wife calls up to check whether all fine. And also insists that father need not come home even for festivals .

The Christian priest appears and talks to the old man. Son wonders and asks the Christian priest whether he knows his father before as they were talking as though they knew each other.

Christian priest says..yes. He came here 30 years back and took with him an orphan boy in adoption.

Speechless !!


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