“OLD DADS’ ADS” – By Des Kelly


“OLD DADS’ ADS” – By Des Kelly

Come to think about it, advertising has been with us since the beginning of time. In the Ceylon of old, when indeed, God created it to be the Garden of Eden, Eve found this “tree” which bore the “forbidden fruit”, then, tempted by Satan (as a snake), she plucked this gorgeous looking apple

and, not being satisfied, after tasting it, herself, she then “advertised” it to a reluctant Adam, telling him that if he did “take a bite” he could be just as great as God himself. 

Poor Adam fell for the advertising, took a bite, after which, suddenly found out that both he & Eve were naked.

Not only that, but then God kicked them out of Ceylon, for being disobedient, and they migrated to Australia to start their family, long long before Captain Cook was even thought of. Adam & Eve then had Cain and Abel, but that is another story, folks. 

     I really do not know what our many readers of eLanka think, but I reckon that present day advertising stinks. The only good thing about it is the fact that if you are watching a television programme on most Channels in Australia, where 90% of the absolutely stupid “commercials” appear, at least you have a few minutes to go to the “Loo” or make yourself a cup of CeylonTea, before getting back to the t.v. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of these advertising Companies

making big bucks, and although they are on the road to nowhere, at the moment, newspaper “ads” still cost a small fortune, the main reason, I suppose, for websites such as 

eLanka, “The Road To Foller, To Get Value For Your Dollar”

     Finally, getting back to “Old Dads Ads”, we often talk about the ” Good Old Days”, and yes, even the good old fashioned black & white newspaper ads., were much more interesting and even Millionaires could afford to take one out. Please peruse the following ads carefully and I am sure that you will find them much more interesting. What I personally like about them, is the fact that they also provide many “Memories” F.O.B”(Free On Board).

Desmond Kelly

 Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief)– eLanka.

Old ads you just won’t believe


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