One Life One World – MEDIA RELEASE – Veronica Pereira Foundation

One Life One World – MEDIA RELEASE – Veronica Pereira Foundation

Veronica Pereira Foundation

We are launching our “Veronica Pereira Foundation” to live a life that is unique in our world to manage from the issues we encounter in life that is not measurable. 


I am a freelance journalist  and like to introduce our foundation to help others in dealing with our precious life. 


We also like to offer FREE tickets to your audience to participate in our workshop at stand A14 at the Cake Bake Sweet show. (Entrance ticket value $30)


Venue: ICC Darling Harbour, Sydney

Dates: 8th November to 10th November 2019

Event: Cake Bake Sweets Show –


“Bake for your mental health”


One Life One World and One Bite Two Bites have partnered on purpose at this years’ Sydney and Melbourne Cake Bake & Sweets Show.  Coming together by a chance encounter, Ralph Pereira, Founder of One Life One World a not-for-profit and Tam Tran, Co-founder of One Bite Two Bites quickly discovered their shared purpose for wanting to improve the mental health of people around the world through the practice of mindfulness.  


The partnership, supporting One Bite Two Bites “Mindfulness through Baking” program, will focus on teaching Australians practical techniques that bring the benefits of mindfulness into their daily lives. The new workshops will empower Australians to incorporate regular mindfulness practice at home, providing resources that support and promote mental wellbeing.


One Life One World Founder Ralph Pereira said the not-for-profit is excited to be joining forces with One Bite Two Bites to help build healthy minds and support people all over the world.  


“When I lost my wife, Veronica, to cancer in April this year I felt lost.  Her cancer was discovered as stage 4 in January 2019 and Veronica was healthy, living a full life, juggling many things, as with any working mum.  She was teaching Economics in a private school along with her private tuition practice in Economics for students looking to get the best grades to enter University.


After her death, I started to search for answers and identified the key factors she had to encounter and overcome numerous times during her life’s journey. These factors were Stress, Sleep and the Subconscious mind.  Managing these pillars are crucial to a peaceful life, which I call the 3S’s and established the Veronica Pereira Foundation to educate people in this area.” said Mr Pereira.


Tam Tran, Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Clinician, and Co-founder of One Bite Two Bites said, “Mental health wellbeing is essential in leading a meaningful life. With the recent productivity commission draft release, the current stats are one in five Australians in any given year experience mental illness, and almost half of the population will experience mental illness at some stage in their lifetime. That is a lot of people. Everyone benefits when we can all take time to do things that nourishes our mental health.


At its core, an Occupational Therapist promotes health and wellbeing by enabling people to participate in the everyday occupations of life and engage in activities “doing things” that are meaningful and have value for them.


To find meaning and value in any activity, it requires being intentional with our awareness – to be mindful. At One Bite Two Bites, our mindfulness workshops allow individuals to do just that, find meaning and value through the baking process.”


One Bite Two Bites Co-founder Belinda Markoski said One Bite Two Bites is proud to be working with One Life One World and the Veronica Pereira Foundation on the “Mindfulness through Baking” program.  Our program will focus on equipping Australians with the skills they need to build healthy minds. We will provide a unique proposition with an inclusive tone that connects with so many people. Through this partnership, we hope to build a community of knowledge that spans across Australia and the globe.  Our Mindfulness program will be practical and designed to include baking, where individuals will learn to bake a simple plant based cake using staple pantry items whilst also learning mindful awareness techniques that can be practiced in their daily life.


The Veronica Pereira Foundation is launching at the Cake Bake Sweet Show in Sydney, Australia on the 8th November to 10th November at the Sydney convention centre in Darling Harbour and at the Melbourne, Cake Bake Sweet Show, from the 30th November to 1st December at the Melbourne Convention Centre with One Bite Two Bites. Free bite-sized mindfulness workshop will be on offer throughout the day.


The links are:


Following the launch, the Veronica Pereira Foundation will develop workshops for the corporate sector that focuses on addressing the 3S’s together with manuals that support organisations and leaders to learn how to implement the practice in their workplace.  


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For media enquires please contact:

Ralph Pereira

Founder, One Life One World and Veronica Pereira Foundation

T:  +61 44 757 8264 




Belinda Markoski

Co-founder, One Bite Two Bites

T:  0471 354 916



Tam Tran

Co-founder, One Bite Two Bites


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