One of The Best Islands to Retire – Beautiful Sri Lanka

One of The Best Islands to Retire – Beautiful Sri Lanka

Beautiful Sri Lanka

“Now I live every day as a holiday, a simpler, better life.

Beautiful Sri Lanka

“I love the morning colours,” said British native Catrina Rathcliffe of her new life on a tropical island.  “I love the smiles on the faces of the children as I make eye contact with them on their way to school.  I like being away from the busy city of London and the pressure to keep up with the Armstrong’s.”  Catrina spent most of her life in a frantic corporate world to earn more money, so she could afford that fabulous holiday for 2 weeks on a tropical island.    “Now I live every day as a holiday, a simpler, better life.”

Imagine the feeling of the rising sun on your shoulders as you walk along the golden sands, fringed by palm fronds and the awakening deep blue sea.  You’re on your way to a breakfast cafe to enjoy an Americano with a slice of butter cake with expat friends.   All part of your new lifestyle on an affordable island with a carefree lifestyle, modern amenities and sunshine all year round.

It is possible to have a good life in Sri Lanka for as little as US$2,000 a month and enjoy a quality of life that slows down the aging process, not speed it up.  Investing in a managed villa or home means you can leave the headaches of running the everyday business to the management.  Happy retirement means good Health Care Facilities a short distance away.  Major hospitals, clinics, fully stocked grocery stores, 5-star restaurants, quaint beach side café’s and of course boutique wines are readily available.  A place where a weekend adventure is as exciting as travelling overseas.  A hypnotizing train ride through lush tea estates and rainforests, a drive along the coastal towns and fishing villages and hiking trails to last you a lifetime.

Would you rather spend your days relaxing by your own pool or would you prefer to indulge in a more active retirement?  The choices are endless.  Secluded bays, expansive inland jungles teeming with exotic birds, butterflies, and monkeys, magnificent cascading waterfalls and inland natural pools, and an almost countless choice of great spots to sit down, relax and watch the spectacular sunsets.  Imagine that.

Often you will find friends bumping into each other at the grocery store or on the street, residents find it’s impossible to run errands quickly. But there is an unfailing feeling of camaraderie where everyone understands that time is a fluid concept and the moments of each day are more important than checking items off a to-do list.

Basic utilities, fans and lights will cost you from about $US25.00 a month to running a full house with fans and air-conditioning which will roughly be about $150 a month or less.  Home cooking groceries will run you about Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 a week and that is being very generous, with a night or two out for dinner.

A beer will cost you Rs.450 (that’s about US$2.49 dollars).  A local meal of fresh vegetables, meat and rice will cost you about Rs.350 (that’s about US$1.94).   You can gather a large basket of fresh mangoes, papaya, bananas, watermelons, avocado’s when available, greens, onions, garlic and limes for about Rs.2,300 (that’s about US$12.75).  A 40.00 Rupee bus ride takes you into Galle Fort and a tuk tuk will cost about Rs.350 (local price about US$1.94).  It’s easy to fly in and out of Sri Lanka with direct and one-stop flights daily.  From the airport it’s an hour and a half on the express highway. 

There’s an active expat community on the island, and many expats spend their time enjoying the stunning natural environment and outdoor activities: volunteering at their local schools or favorite nonprofit, running a business part or full-time, attending a gym or yoga studio, and participating in the myriad social activities and local events.  You’ll often find that you need to juggle your social calendar as you meet new, interesting friends, some of whom live on the island, and others who pass through on a regular basis. For me, retirement on the Southern Coast never gets boring.  Mostly retired, the expat population in the south frequent social clubs, art galleries, museums and cafés. Throw into that mix some dinner parties, and beach BBQ’s and you get a good idea of how active the expat population is.

Western-style shopping is the norm, and good beaches are on your doorstep.  You can be enjoying the ocean views within minutes of leaving your home or hike through the jungles and never see another soul for hours on end.   It’s warm and balmy 12 months a year. Everyone seems to love the warm weather, cheaper prices, and of course, the legendary friendliness of the Sri Lankan people. It is this that made me feel right at home here in Thalpe. English is widely spoken, so I don’t have to worry about being misunderstood.  No matter what your tastes are, you’ll find it here on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Thalpe, is a beautiful spot on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.  Tamba Villas, a 37 boutique villa project is destined to be a private community where expats and locals mix and create endearingly intimate neighborhoods.  Each villa affords every modern amenity.  The upkeep of the tropical landscaped gardens and waterways, pools and external areas are all covered by a management fee.  And if you are going back overseas, either just lock up and leave or hand it over for short term rental till you are back in town again.  It’s as simple as that.  Television, cell phone service, and high-speed internet are all available and if you have some business to conduct, there is a fully serviced business centre on site.  A villa on the estate can be bought freehold, that means you own the Title a 100%. 

The tiny road fronting Tamba Estate is a quiet and leafy, rural area and one of the most sought-after neighborhoods on the island.  Views are quintessential Sri Lankan…sandy white beaches and lush green palms. It’s the kind of scenery that keeps your blood pressure in check.

The dress code is “beach casual”.  Style Your Life the way you want it.  A choice worth considering.

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