POACHERS’ PENALTY” by Desmond Kelly “the Star of elanka

” POACHERS’ PENALTY” by Desmond Kelly “the Star of elanka ”

It has finally happened.”The boot is on the other foot” Entire “species” of animals are on the brink of total extinction. It is now an established fact that in about a decade( and that is but the “blink of an eye”), African Elephants will no longer be seen in the Land that gave them birth, such is the wanton slaughter of these great beasts. The huge ivory tusks will finally be only “wishful thinking” on the part of the “mongrel bloody collectors” & poachers who do the dirty work for these “money-hungry bastards”. Rhino-horns will soon be unavailable to be “powdered” and used as an aphrodisiac & dozens of other beautiful animals & birds slain with no thought given to their possible extinction in the near future.

This has happened recently in Zimbabwe. A confirmed “report” has been circling around since July, 2016, telling us that a certain “pride of lions” have got together to teach a group of armed poachers who were actually looking for a few more Elephants to slaughter in Zimbabwe’s National Park in the Matabeleland North Province, a valuable but gory lesson.

This was but one miniscule victory for Earth’s treasures being heartlessly poached into oblivion by ruthless greed.

Five game poachers were “shred to pieces” and three more seriously mauled by a pride of about twenty adult Southwestern “Kings of the jungle” in a surprise attack and strangely, these lions were of the same Southwestern species as “Cecil the lion” who was shot just a couple of kilometres away & stranger still, in July, 2015, exactly one year ago. The saying is that “Elephants never forget”. This time, the same adage applies to the Lions. Obviously, they have’nt forgotten Cecil.

There were ten poachers in all. Five of them were killed on the spot, three were severely injured and the other two were lucky to escape with minor injuries. All the animals involved, were unhurt.

Zimbabwe Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri said in a statement that the surviving poachers abandoned their dead mates and ran for their lives. The Commissioner-General hoped that this terrifying experience would be a future “lesson” to all poachers. The “surviving-swine” were all arrested in a nearby Village where they were seeking medical attention.

The Zimbabwe News also quotes Mr. Chihuri as saying ” The poachers were visibly traumatised by the attack, and after seeing their injuries and the remains of their dead comrades & I can see why. These guys were tough criminals carrying AK47s, but they were literally shred to pieces and devoured by the lions.” The Commissiober-General continued ” I have never seen an animal attack reach this level of violence, and I’ve seen a lot. It was a horrible blood bath.”

He said that there were bones and bits of human flesh scattered over hundreds of square metres.

The surviving poachers will now face criminal charges, including illegal hunting, possession of illegal weapons and contravening the Parks & Wildlife Act.

I do feel some compassion for the “families” of these poachers but the poachers themselves got exactly what they deserved. I also realize that this is not going to stop “poaching” but it is amazing to think that this “poachers’-penalty ” did happen and is quite likely to happen again . Then, hopefully, it will be the poachers who will eventually be extinct. G.R.O.B.R. I say.

Desmond (Kelly from Colombo)..

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