“STORIES IN SONG” SERIES 2019 – By Desmond Kelly

“STORIES IN SONG” SERIES 2019 – By Desmond Kelly

 “An elephant never forgets”, an amazing but true saying as regards this huge, still gentle animal, used for various manual labours, especially in Asia. While on the subject, I must make mention about the Pinnawella Animal Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, which tourists from all over the World, never fail to visit primarily to see many adult and baby elephants looked-after, with love, by the “mahouts”(elephant carers’) over there. This is exactly how it should be. Animals are also God’s creatures and must be looked after, because, as time goes by, their living areas keep getting smaller, forests are being stripped of trees mainly for the wood they produce, and robbing the homelands of fauna, in general.

 “What has this got to do with  “Stories in Song”?, you ask.

Well, let me tell you. We are in Thailand now. Paul Barton, an Englishman decided to take a trip there in 1996, met his wife, a Thai lass by the name of Khwan, who was an animal activist over there, so Paul, who was also a pianist got involved with his wife’s business and began to “care” for his animal friends with Music, which, as all my readers must know, causes some amazing reactions even with animals and/or plants as well. Flora seems to “bloom” more readily if soft music is within their earshot, Cows provide more milk if their “milkers” play them some music. Prince Charles, future King of England readily admits to “talking” to the plants in his garden and quite possibly plays them some music as well, to watch them grow faster & stronger.

 It depends, of course, on the Music that is played. What you have already heard is a piece of beautiful music, played on piano by Richard Clayderman, born in beautiful Paris, on the 28th December1953. He is a superb pianist and “Claire de Lune” (light of the moon), by Debussy, is a “work” that I have loved (as I love ALL good Music), ever since I heard it played by Richard, many years ago. 

Paul Barton comes into the picture once again when he moves a piano outside his home and coaxed an 80 year old, half blind Elephant named Amphan who has had a really hard life, lost one eye in the process, as close to the instrument as possible, sits down at the piano and plays Claire de Lune, for his old friend, who stands there, barely moving, listening to this same tune, with a tear clearly showing in it’s one eye. This Elephant was enjoying the music and obviously remembering better times. As I said, an Elephant never forgets, and I have to thank “You-tube, on behalf of eLanka for one of the most moving & beautiful Music Clips I have ever seen. Judge for yourselves, folks. Please enjoy the beautiful Music that made an Elephant cry.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief)   eLanka.


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