Victoria, Australia, a “State of the art” State, where, from the early years of migration, people, myself & my own family included, chose to come to, in order to make a better life for ourselves & our children.

     Victoria, Australia,& Melbourne, voted, on many occasions as the most “liveable” City in the entire World.

Victoria, undoubtedly named in honour of the Queen who was also the “Empress of India”& whose descendant, Elizabeth the 2nd is STILL the Queen of Australia, thankfully.

     It amazes me that just 56 years have passed, since I came to this Country, and so much has changed in what is termed “the blink of an eye” in the context of time. 

As I have always said (and written), in whatever Government sits in Parliament, the one most important ” department IS the Department of Immigration & Emigration.

HERE is where it all starts. I well remember that it was certainly not easy to come to Australia as a Migrant in the 1960s. Speaking personally, I had to “prove” that I, me, myself & my family, were at least 75% European, our “skins” had to be a “sickly white”colour, we had to speak English “good”. “Singlish” was not allowed in the “White-Australia” that P.M.Caldwell wanted, at the time.

     On top of that, we were only permitted to take £75 each, out of Ceylon, at the time. How anyone was expected to start life in a brand new Country with about £75 was anybody’s guess. Also, I had to waive the “millions” I would make on my first International recording of  “Dream-World”

before I left my Motherland. So we left the Country in which “Lansi- karapotthas” were taboo, to come to Australia where “Dark-Tan”(not the Lankan musical group), were looked-down upon, and still are, I suppose, only, it seems that the no bloody hopers are the ones who thrive here.

     This brings me to the 64$ question. Of the thousands of black & white juvenile  scum-bags in Victoria, the Turnbull Government has picked out 64, on whom millions are being spent, “simply on “surveillance”. 64 out of thousands, not very good odds eh ?. Juvenile crime is now rampant in the most liveable City,of Melbourne alone. What Minister Dutton should do, is to use a few million to build a huge goal for juvenile Aussie thugs, convice the Judges in the Country to be “laconic” rather than “lenient”,  come straight to the point, and IF found guilty, “lay”much tougher “penalties” in their “path”. After this is done, the Australian Government should “visit” a few Asian Jails,take some tuition on HOW these jails are conducted & make it their “gaol” to follow suit. 

     At this moment, just imagine this, folks. Police, in plural, have to keep their eyes on each of these 64 junior crims.

Even @ 2 policemen per pariah, this totals 128 members of our Police to “watch” these suspects. Even when they, (the  Police), sentence  “nab” one, all they can do is to write lengthy reports about the capture. The thug/s finally end up in Court, then, “do-gooder by the dozen will come forward to “defend” these damn desparados, most Judges believe them and normally sentence them with the lightest-legal sentence in the book. Most of them are rapped on the knuckles, told to go home & not be naughty boys/girls, again. What a lot of rubbish!!. These no-hopers who are not Aussie born & still act as though they OWN the Country, should be given a one-way ticket back to the Country they came from, in the first place, to break the laws over there, struck off the Australian register and NEVER be allowed back. I do feel a bit sorry for the parents of these  “hoods”, but if they cannot keep control of their brood, they should be deported as well. 

     If my advice is heeded, we could well go back to being the Country to be proud of, and the taxpayers’ money wasted on useless thugs would be much better spent on infrastructure of the gaols I mentioned earlier. We may even be able to afford two of them in every State of Australia.

“DISCIPLINE IS WHAT WE NEED. When do we need it ?, WE 



Desmond Kelly

 Star of eLanka



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