A Mexican band which featured Freddy Fender before he “wasted days & wasted nights”, much to the delight of his many friends & thousands of fans, myself included.

Freddy always had his unique “style” when singing. Often, he would bring in his one-word, Mexican “chale-chale” to great effect and, considering the fact that there were so many non-Mexican “Country” icons around, at the same time, Freddy Fender always managed to pull his audiences into the palm of his hand.

     Freddy Fender was born Baldemar Huerto in Mexico, 1936, He, like so many young Mexican guys, was always interested in music & “showbiz”, worked with various bands in the Tejano District, but was immediately “recognised” as a “Country- favourite” after recording & releasing the top-hit, “Before the next teardrop falls”. In addition, he recorded about a dozen other albums which made it to the “charts” in America, albums that became huge sellers all around the World. He was well loved, because he did always have his own style in “putting a song across”. He never changed his hair-style either, never did try to emulate anyone else, and his fans loved him for these unique characteristics. 

     What many people don’t know, was the fact that Freddy did sing & record many songs with his band of the early days named “The Texas Tornados”, songs entirely in the beautiful Mexican lingo. I loved all of them, but feature just three for my readers of eLanka. As I always say, it does not matter where good music comes from, it is always enjoyable, BUT, song lyrics do not sound too good, in some languages. Freddy Fender makes “Mexican” sound very good, and one certainly does not have to understand the lyric, to enjoy the song.


     Freddy Fender passed away, far too young, at age 69.

These Mexican Songs are my tribute to him. Enjoy them folks, and sleep peacefully, Freddy Fender. You will never be forgotten.


Desmond Kelly

   Desmond Kelly.

  (Editor-in- Chief)

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