Tummy bloating is discussed-By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Tummy bloating is discussed-By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Dr Harold

Written by Dr. Harold Gunatillake
FRCS, FIACS, FICS, AM (Sing), MB, BS, -Health writer Tummy bloating or distension is a quite common condition due to gas production in your gut, that needs no attention, unless it becomes more severe and permanent.

In such a situation, think of eating high fibre foods. Oats is ideal for breakfast. It’s eaten in the form of rolled oats, oatmeal, oat milk, and oat bran and oat flour. They have several essential nutrients, including high dietary fibre. 100 gram serving provides 389 cals Avoid foods baked or cooked with processed rice and wheat flour for breakfast
You need to get 35 grams of fibre per day, so choose plant foods like grapes, bell peppers, beans, whole grains and nuts. High fibre foods keep you out of constipation and heart healthy, too
You may have extra gas in your tummy and cause heartburn- annoying symptom before you start the day. Eat enough to plan a diet to keep your weight within the normal range to help to minimise these symptoms.
Home remedy for heartburn is to drink some cold milk straight from the fridge and munching some cucumber slices kept in the fridge may suffice.
Eat small meals and more often to avoid indigestion. Eat sufficient not to feel full, and enjoy the day comfortably and you’ll relate to people better.
Hydrate yourself by drinking water, juices, tea and other beverages with little added sugar. Sometimes you feel down when you are dehydrated and you may not suspect the cause. Hydrating yourself you revive like watering a dehydrated plant.
Walking may help to relieve indigestion and gaseous feelings. Think of doing a walk if you feel uncomfortable in your belly.

Eat some probiotics if you get frequent attacks of bloating and discomfort in your tummy. Unsweetened yogurt would be a good choice to eat daily to avoid inflammatory bowel diseases by feeding your good gut bacteria.

Remedial measures would be to change your diet to foods that do not cause bloating. Stay away from foods that give you discomfort. Some people cannot eat gassy foods like beans, crucifers like cabbage, cauliflower, or fatty foods like fried foods and cheese. Others feel discomfort on eating or drinking acid foods like orange juice, coffee tea and tomatoes. Not eating them feels good in your tummy.

Jak seeds when boiled and eaten as a curry can give you gaseous distension and wind (flatus).
Naturopathic remedies like eating boiled garlic, tea with ginger seems to be the home remedy for nonspecific gaseous distension.
Eating foods with too much of salt can bloat you up. Cut back on foods with high salt by reading the labels.
Having gas in your tummy is quite normal. The amount of gas produced is dependent on the effect of microbes in your large bowel. So, gas or flatus as we call is mainly produced in the large gut.
Excessive gas in your stomach causes belching rather than passing out as flatus. In addition to gas produced by the food you eat, you may swallow air while talking (aerophagy), or may be swallowing air during acute psychiatric issues associated by anxiety. Eating durian fruit gives you tummy flatulence and belching would be the solution in such a situation.
Belching alone brings relief in stomach distension in such situations.

You could get continuous distention of your tummy, not due to gas, but due to fluid, tumours, enlarged organs or increased visceral fat.
If you suspect any chronic bowel disturbance, you need to see your doctor.
There is no increased gas production or flatulence in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or gastric cancer, gallstones, gall bladder disease (cholecystitis) and pancreatitis. In such diseases there are other symptoms like abdominal pains related to meals, loss of appetite and so on.
So, enjoy the day in comfort, by following such simple disciplinary measures.If these do not relieve gas in your tummy, you need to see your doctor for further investigations, as mentioned earlier.
Hope this article was useful.



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