In one word, “priceless”. Why do we go on about Icons of  “Country Music”?, again, in simple terms, because of “Stars” like Ray Price. A former protege of Hank Williams, Snr. who wrote a special song for his pal Ray, after meeting him and hearing what he (Ray) could do, with a song, Hank wrote “Weary Blues, from waiting”with Ray “chipping in” for good measure. The song, however was ” copyrighted” to Hank.W.

Hank Williams & Ray Price formed a partnership which would have lasted, but for the untimely death of Hank, who succumbed to a heart-attack in his limousine, on the way to a “gig”, aged just 29.  

     Ray Price, although devastated by the death of his pal, carried on writing songs, singing them (and others), married the love of his life, Jane, or Janie, as she was known & remained happily married to her for 43 years. Their son, Clifford  (Cliff), following his famous father’s footsteps, sang & played guitar. Both are featured in my story.

     Ray Price died at 87, after having suffered pancreatic cancer, and his final album was, in fact, akin to a continuous “love-letter” to Janie. When he died on the 16th of Dec. 2013, all “fans” of the ” best music in the World” lost a true Gentleman with a voice of gold. He was always one of my “favourites” too, and I am privileged to share his talent with all my eLanka readers. What Price, Music?, priceless, when performed by Stars like Ray Price, God rest his soul.

Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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