A special love…By Des Kelly

A special love…By Des Kelly


   “A picture’s worth a thousand words,

      an English phrase of old,

      this one’s about a “special love”

      that’s worth much more than gold.

      Believe me, friends, I’ve had this love,

      so very many times,

      they cannot talk, but show their love,

      in perfect nursery rhyme.

                       “WE LOVE YOU, FOLKS, 

                       PLEASE TAKE CARE OF US,

                     AND, WE’LL BE YOUR’S FOR LIFE,

                   TO COMFORT, AND TO SOLACE YOU,

                      THRU TROUBLES & THRU STRIFE,

                  OUR LOVE IS REAL, NO-ONE WILL STEAL,

                          THE LOVE WE HOLD, FOR YOU,

                          WE LOVE YOU, FOLKS,

                       PLEASE TAKE CARE OF US,

                      AND GIVE US YOUR LOVE TOO”. Des.Kelly.

A most beautiful way to start off a brand new year.

Thank you to the person who is responsible for the making of this video which we can (hopefully) feature on eLanka.

Sometimes, unfortunately, technological difficulties make it

almost impossible to do this, but, if anyone can, Neil Jayasekera, the Captain of “S.L.S.eLanka” can, so here we go, mate. Please see what you can do. 

If it does happen, I would really appreciate the comments of our many readers, most of them, Sri Lankan, and proudly 

Animal-lovers who will take my message to heart and do everything possible to protect ALL animals, these beautiful creatures of God who cannot speak, yet, have this “Special Love” for humankind. It’s time to reciprocate their feelings.

Desmond Kelly

  (Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.

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