I stood at this same bus-stop, where many years ago
I waited for a girl, who I had loved so long before
Yes, there she was, in the same bus
As toward me now, it came
So I joined her, to re-live our dreams again

We sat beside each other, as I gently took her hand
It was the same old feeling, right back in wonderland
I told her I was sorry, that we ever had to part
She was always & she still was, my sweetheart

Again & yet again, we dreamed our dreams anew
Again & yet again, she softly whispered “I love you”
It had been many years,
but once more, the same old flame
We shared “memories”again & yet again.

“Music-interlude” (covering 1st 2 verses/semitone up)
Back to Chorus :-Again & yet again, etc.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka”


“Obviously written to depict the era in Ceylon when the old C.T.B. double-decker buses were the favourite mode of transport. The “bus-stop” I am referring to, is the one that existed many many moons ago, right outside the little “Childrens’ Book-Shop” in Colombo Fort, the rest of the “story” is but a figment of my imagination, believe it or not. Again & yet again, I have been telling my good friends this, but again & yet again they do not believe me. Such is life”!! D.K.F.C.

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