“She’s venom, wearin’ denim” is the name of the song.
This is another PLUS for Country Music. “Song-titles”, the likes of which, would never be seen in any other genre of music. Clever titles, clever lyrics, stories in song, as I always call them, this time, telling us that we males should always be careful with these pretty “Ladies of the night”, whether they wear denim or silk. Of course, they are not all venomous, but do the wrong thing, boys, and you’ll know exactly what Junior Brown is trying to tell us. WHO IS Junior Brown ?, you ask. Well, I didn’t know either, until I heard this particular song which was included in my huge library of music. On doing a bit of research, I find that, here IS another unique character. Born in 1952, he came out of Austin, Texas, complete with a double-necked guitar he had invented himself. To accompany himself, he not only had the usual six-string electric guitar, but ALSO his own “Steel- Sound” sitting up there within ease reach. An astounding new ” Instrument” that had nevet been seen before. This was not all, folks, he could PLAY both instruments with a skill, seldom seen in the present era, and is still very much in demand in America. I am therefore proud to present Junior Brown to my readers. Please sit back & enjoy.

Followed, as usual, with something entirely different.
This one is just a little Spanish advice to all & sundry. The song, “Viya-con-dios” literally means “Go with God”, something that every one of us, especially in this day and age must think about more often, in a World that GOD created, but, must be getting thoroughly fed-up with.
I have listened to many versions of this song, as I do, with every one, I offer as entertainment, to all eLanka readers, and Anne Murray’s version, to me, is absolutely superb.
Anne has a beautiful “contralto” voice, and when she sings, one always seems to get that “peaceful easy feeling” so common with good Country Music. Need I say more ?.

Desmond Kelly.
 Star of eLanka

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