Animal Love – By Des Kelly

Animal Love – By Des Kelly

Received this absolutely beautiful video from my good friend Charles Schokman a few minutes ago. Was so “touched” by it, I decided to e’mail it immediately to eLanka in the hope that Neil Jayasekera who, like Charles & myself is a dedicated “animal-lover”& will publish it a.s.a.p.

With everything that is going on, regarding “live-exports”

of Australian cattle & sheep, dying in agony on ships too small to carry thousands of these beautiful creatures, with hardly room to move, hens, caged up in similar conditions, in order to lay their eggs, even as all their feathers are falling off their bodies, ducks being indiscriminately shot, together with other birds, it is no wonder that some of these wild birds will quite possibly be extinct in the not too distant future.

In addition to the above, many people who cannot even look after their own children, get “pets” who, after a while, are not “looked-after” as they should be, lately, even poisoned by large “Pet-food” Companies who don’t seem to give a damn, excepting making money.

When the readers of eLanka watch this video, they will understand the simple beauty of the “caring”, “loving” nature of animals, big & small. The person who actually “made” this video deserves a medal. They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” A million words will not be sufficient to capture the beauty of this video. Thank you Charles, and also Neil. I loved it, and so will you.

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Desmond Kelly

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