28th September to 1St October 2018

This year’s Camp was held again at Lake Perseverance Recreation Centre during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. It was a small crowd but jubilant and great people who were willing to help each whenever and wherever needed.

We had our annual Sports meet on Saturday morning as there were many young people who attended this year’s Camp. It was exciting with true sportsmanship. The Club’s Sports Captain, Spencer Herft, was unable to attend this year’s Camp due to prior commitments and as a result Patrick Maloney and Patrick Happuarachchi stepped in and helped us accomplish this event. Campers participated in all events like the Sack race (young and old) Spoon race, Pole balancing, Relay, 100/50 meter sprint and the most famous Tug of war.

I am sure all who attended will agree that the food was plentiful and tasty – quantity and quality!! I would like to thank Basil Britto and family, Patrick Happuarachchi and family, Derrick and Christine Pinto, Herbie Tucker and family and Jeremy and Rena Henderling for their help in the preparation of the meals. We also had help from many others.

As usual our Secretary, Deborrah Jansz-Cox did a great job decorating the hall for the Dinner dance “The Roman Era” which was won by Derrick Pinto, Wyomie Roberton and Kobe Lindsay. Deborrah and her family spent many hours purchasing prizes for the sports events and other activities.

This year we did not have the usual Concert but the young people got together and performed a few items. A big thank you to Shania and Carlton for organizing. We also organized a “Trivia Evening” for the first time, hopefully this will be a lot better next year.

I must thank all the Committee members who attended. Special thanks to the Tucker family, Egerton and Patrick Maloney who helped at the camp and helped transport some gear to the Camp.
I must not forget to thank my wife, Thomazine who helped me to organise the Camp from the beginning purchasing, allocation of cabins and other activities. Thank you also to Susan who helped “behind the scenes” and Fyri for his help in the kitchen.

We also welcomed some new comers to the Camp – Warren Loos and his family and the De Silva family. They too joined in and helped. I would also like to thank Dr. Judy and Sanath Fernando for their help and participation. If I have forgotten to mention anyone, please do forgive me.

Gerard Fernando
Camp Leader


Next year’s Camp is during the Easter long weekend. If you are looking for a great time away with family and friends you would need to book early.

Please contact Gerard on 0407 453 535 as we wish to get some indication of numbers.

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