It was a stylish and full of energy function we had for a long time. The enthusiastic crowd was keen to get on to the floor and dance the night away to some lovely music produced by the equally energetic Duo and DJ. We have had some “Duos” before but these guys did some extraordinary stuff on Stage that got everybody laughing and giggling while dancing.

Yes, that’s what makes one Band different from the other. The Duo ” The Lovely Daze ” didn’t just produce music they acted the part too. They did some things that was visually hilarious and most entertaining. For instance, the vocalist took over the Saxophone interlude and pretended he was playing the saxophone to such a perfect tempo that he was bending his knees and crawling to the ground just the way you see on a live stage show. He didn’t stop there with one act but did many more. Good on ya “Lovely Daze” you not only entertained us with your lovely selection of music but went one step further to make it a memorable night.

Dennis Arnolda, our home grown DJ, kept up the tempo and produced some lovely music throughout the night too. True what they say, good Music and good Food go hand in hand in making every dance a success.

The variety of food presented by the Caterer was enough to satisfy the fussiest of eaters. The dessert that followed was equally tasty to say the least.

Sure the music and food stole the show but sometimes the hall atmosphere equally stole the limelight. The hall decoration and table arrangements was painstakingly done by Deborrah and her two energetic children, Carlton and Shania. Deb’s creative ability and tireless efforts in producing the best, paid off by people commenting on the night.

None of this happens without the whole hearted support and physical help from the committee namely: Davenal, Gerard, Dennis, Deborrah, Margot, Susan, and Sharyn. Even more importantly from Patrick Maloney, Carlton and Shania for their tireless effort even though they are not members of the Committee.

Also, someone special that I would like to say a big THANK YOU to is Ramona Deutrom for bringing so many friends for all our functions.

See you all at the MARDI GRAS dinner dance on 10th November.

Egerton de Fransz

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