Letters to the Committee

Letters to the Committee

May I begin by firstly expressing my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude for your efforts and contributions –and indeed that of the whole club – towards my family’s maiden Silver Fawn camp experience. Admittedly, when my parents first shared their interest in this year’s camp with myself and my two siblings, I could not help but feel sceptical and hesitant towards the manner in which the long weekend would transpire. We were, after all, unfamiliar and unaccustomed faces surrounded by the stalwarts and veterans of Silver Fawn. Yet, it is with the deepest pleasure that I can admit that my trepidation was wholly unfounded and comprehensively fallacious in the face of the exploits I shared with my family.

I am acutely aware of the fact that the philosophy of the Silver Fawn club is underpinned and bolstered by a notion of inclusion and acceptance. However, when a community-oriented philosophy is conceived in the absence of a humanitarian cornerstone, superficiality and paltriness manifest in all subsequent endeavours. The Silver Fawn carries the patina of an organic club. It is a club for individuals and families alike, and has in turn, evolved into its own family- embracing one and all. No words or eloquent phrases can validate such a philosophy. Rather, it is the substance of the people, the diversity, the affection and raw emotion which are woven together to form a rich and vivid tapestry which substantiates the club’s foundational belief. The Silver Fawn is an elegant proof of camaraderie and the power of a community, and I once again wish to share how deeply moved my family and I were by the generosity and love we were shown.

I am reminded of the truth that, when in such company, the smallest efforts to participate and embrace community activities are rewarded in unheralded personal satisfaction. Throughout the weekend, all camp attendees contributed in some respect. It was evident that these contributions were not borne from a sterile sense of obligation, but from an unadulterated pride for the club and the wellbeing of its members. When I participated in activities, whether it be cleaning dishes or playing cricket, I too felt this pride and sense of belonging. This is a testament to the fine pedigree of patrons who have moulded Silver
Fawn into such a distinct institution- one which readily fosters connectedness and unity. This club is not the projection of one individual, but that of a community who delight themselves in helping others and sharing the load, who share profound care and concern for one another, and who tirelessly seek excellence within the club. I implore people, whoever they may
be, to participate in the annual camp. For Silver Fawn is a club which brings out the best in all its members. Everyone is an equal. Everyone looks after one another. Everyone has a go. And amidst all the laughter, complexity, kindness, friendship, warmth, individuality and diversity, I see a family: The Silver Fawn family.I look forward to next years camp, and indeed, the many others to follow.

Denham Loos (on behalf of the Loos Family)

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