“BREAKING : AFGHANISTAN PLAN” – by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

desmond kelly

Call it “any which way, but loose”, call it, anyway you like, call it the total “idea” of the American Military Chiefs, SOMEONE had to transform the rhetoric into words, and, for the first time, since his inauguration into the American Presidency, I watched Donald Trump deliver a “speech to perfection”. He spoke, as I would expect an American President to speak. He spoke with a candor that was unmistakably honest, for someone whose popularity at the moment, is at a very low ebb. Obviously, this man does not give a damn for publicity. He was duly elected as the President of the United States of America, and when he first “appeared” on our television screens, speaking or “writing” personally, I thought to myself, oh well, being a billionaire, I suppose, anything is possible, even the Presidency of the U.S.A. I certainly was not “wrapped” in his inauguration speech, not keen on the way he had his young son by his side, when he was first shot-at (it could easily have been the boy taking the bullet), not pleased at all, in the way that he kept slinging insults at Hilary Clinton (but then, the former 1st Lady was not much better). in fact, I thought that this was certainly going to be a one-term President. All that said, this present war is fast becoming one of the longest-running wars in history.

Social-Media, as we know it at present, is having a field day. Sixteen years to date, up to now, about sixteen “tweets” per day, from President Trump.

Afganistan & Pakistan, targets for this new President who, even if the “speech” was master-minded by his Military Chiefs, spoke like a true orator should speak, clearly, no “oos”or “ahhs” between every second word, no unnecessary gesticulations, no looking down at written notes, nothing. The man, who just two years ago, would have made a terrible “actor”, could go on, in my opinion, & win an “Oscar”for his very first film. The point is that President Trump is not ACTING, now. As the latest British Prime Minister said “Enough is Enough”. America & it’s Allies, including Australia have had their fighting Men & Women trying their best to train foreign Armies, Navies & Air-Forces look after themselves.

Meanwhile, “big-mouth” despots, terrorist-minded pariahs & other sons-of-bitches are holding this World of ours to ransom. Innocent men, women & children are dying unnecessarily. All this HAS TO STOP
Troop numbers, Missile numbers, Nuclear bomb numbers & all other military-matters do not matter, in the least. TERRORISM is what matters.Big-Talk does not matter either. If North Korea, for instance wants to see their “beautiful stream-lined” missiles blown-up, mid-air, let the man with the funny haircut fire them.

If, on the other hand, he wants to help get rid of terrorism and keep his good-looking, superbly regimented Army marching the way they do, let him make his mark by aiding the other Countries around Korea to get rid of each & every terrorist he can lay his beady eyes upon.

President Trump is nobody’s fool. Sure, he has spoken publicly about matters he has regretted, since, but, to be fair to the President, he has also publicly said that he was wrong. An example was when he said that he intended withdrawing American Troops from Afganistan. An impulsive man, at the best of times, but because he loves “birds” so much, he “tweets” with the best of them. Then, if he realizes that he is wrong, he will walk up to the rostrum in the White House and tell us that he is going to send more Troops over there with the idea of helping Afganistan to help America to get rid.of terrorism, once and for all. Put in simple terms, ALL COUNTRIES, ESPECIALLY IN S.E.ASIA should unite to STAMP-OUT the biggest curse in our World today. If any Country wishes to “harbour terrorists” then, they will feel the consequences of their stupid act when the very terrorists they are harbouring will turn around and “bite the hand that feeds them”.

I am also 100% in favour of “Military-Affairs” being as covert as possible. The Social Media can stick to all their “BREAKING” News, ( they have to live, too), BUT the “movements”, the “numbers”, how, why, when & where, of military Men & Women, especially fighting outside their own Countries, should be top secret.

President Trump has top advice from his Generals. He has decided that Americans, in general, should go about their own lives and be thankful that they have some of the bravest “forces” in the World, combining with the same, from his many allies, Australia included. They wear the uniforms, it is their job to protect us, and they do.!

Finally, Mr.President, good.luck in your endeavour.

Get rid of as many terrorists as possible & make the others realize that they CANNOT WIN. This has gone on for long enough. Strangely, nearly 17 years in 2017.

Mr.Trump & Mr.Turnbull,(all other allies too), one bit of advice :- When your fighting Men & Women come home, (those who do), please try your very best to :-
P-REVENT T-HE S-OCIAL D-ILEMMA ( P.T.S.D.) that so many of these brave souls go through. They fought for us, they only deserve THE BEST.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka..

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Finally, somebody has read and listened to more than what is said on fake news. Desmond, you, just like millions of Americans have seen through CNN and other channels. I have always said that Trump is a GENIUS! All the news media shows is ugly pictures, with an article twisting his words to make it look stupid and sensational. When Trump speaks of stopping immigration, he means ILLEGAL immigration. Legal Muslims are welcome. NOT those who want to come to the US illegally. The press makes it look like Trump is against all Muslim immigrants. Trump is NOT against NATO,… Read more »