This is my message to all Lankan/Aussies, firstly in this great brown Land that we now call home, secondly, to all our expatriots everywhere in the World, and thirdly, to anybody and everybody with a functioning brain in their heads, around this Planet which is, at the present moment, undergoing this Pandemic that surely is a once in a lifetime 

experience for nearly 7.9 billion people. 

          I will leave all other Countries which are battling this Virus in their own particular way, and stick to Australia, for obvious reasons. I will TRY to list some commonsense ideas, in order to even partially9 clear up one of the most confusing subjects EVER to hit our television screens presently. These are my own ideas on the matter, and my own opinion on what has to be done in order to CONTAIN this Covid 19 Virus and STOP countless Aussies from “Carking it” before their time is naturally up.

  1.  C.V. which originated in China, via a “Wet-Market” animal, which quite possibly caught the germ via a common bat, a well-known carrier of these viruses, IS a deadly Virus.
  1.  C.V. can easily be transmitted from person to person, and although it is often compared with the common flu, it is far more dangerous, especially for the elderly, and can kill very many in a very short space of time.
  1.  Many Countries, including Australia did NOT seem to think that C.V. could be a plague of these proportions, and delayed taking the necessary action to contain it, which was the first bad error on the parts of various incumbent Governments. They should have SHUT the gates before the sheep bolted, in Australia.
  1.  NOW, after thousands have already died around the World, after contacting C.V. everyone is starting to take notice of this wretched Virus, especially after the W.H.O. gave it the dreaded title of Pandemic on a Global scale.
  1.  The present Government in Australia has gone about doing what it has to do to “flatten the curve” as they call it, and although there are two major Political Parties in Aus., presiding over the many States of this huge Island Continent, the controlling of C.V. is now a truly bi-partisan effort, which, in my opinion is a very good idea. Politics in general, has to now take a back seat to this bloody Pariah Pandemic. 
  1.  I have never seen the Prime Minister of Australia, and his Health Minister, so often on television together,

 giving out the advice on how we could control the spread of C.V. They have to answer many questions, as do the Premiers of the other States, both Liberal and Labor. ALL these Politicians now have a job to do, both health-wise and economically, because many billions of dollars are now being handed out to various people affected by this plague. 

  1.  The rules and regulations have been talked about, argued about, and brought about in a steady progression, by the present Government. They have not made these decisions on their own, and to me, it seems like a combined effort which again, is a good thing.
  1.  However, most of the younger generation of Aussies do not seem to take this C,V. seriously. They seem to think that the new Virus is a joke and being Aussies, they prefer to live their lives in the same happy go lucky way that they are used to, but THIS is a mistake. In Australia, the word Discipline is practically unheard of. Especially young Australians do not seem to understand what the word means.
  1.  Without going into details, additional hygiene practices,

the washing of hands, using tissues, sneezing into your elbow, etc., etc., are all very important to keep C.V. at bay.

You have to follow the directions that a certain distance must be kept from the person next to you, no shaking of hands, or bodily contact between people especially in public, no crowds of people moving around too close to each other simply because ANYONE could be carrying this little virulent germ around and could pass it over to you.

BUT the young ones have not heeded any of the warnings, and now a lenient Government has HAD to get tougher.

  1. Restrictions have been increased now, and if you are not aware of exactly what they are, watch the A.B.C. Television Channel  for details. The Government has had to stop this bad problem from getting worse, and if the Public cannot take a hint, RESTRICTIONS will only get worse.

If the rules are followed, chances are that this C.V. can and will be contained, but it is all up to you, my friends.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.

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