Congratulations, Mr.President. You came, you saw & you conquered.

In what was ultimately a resounding victory, Donald J.Trump has just been nominated as the President-Elect of the United States of America.

Nearly all the “political pundits” around the World had it the other way around. Hilary Clinton, a former “first lady”, Democratic “expert” & wannabe first Woman President ever, of the U.S.A., was fully expected to “take over” from President Obama and move into the “White-house” early next year. (2017)

It was not to be. This writer is no “political- pundit”, no “pandit”(Professor) , not even a “pundithaya” which is the Sinhala word for “know-all”, but, for anyone with even an ounce of common-sense, the writing was on the wall, in America, & IS on the wall, in many other Countries right now.

ORDINARY PEOPLE, all over this World of ours, are sick to death with POLITICIANS of any “PARTY” whatsoever. Unfortunately, it is WE, who have to VOTE them in. They,then get into their “plum” jobs, only to start breaking their promises, made during sometimes lengthy campaigns, promises that adversely affect the ORDINARY PEOPLE.

This is why Donald J.Trump, a Billionaire (maybe a couple or three times over), a “Businessman Extraordinaire” , more narcissistic than Narcissus himself BUT; NO POLITICIAN, WHATSOEVER, came to Washington, saw what was going on (or, in this case, was NOT going on) & conquered the minds of millions of Americans who, like everybody else were fed-up with a stagnant America. He did not have to do it. He already has everything in life to keep himself and his family in the “lap of luxury” for eons to come, he did not have to take the risk of being assassinated (and, for those who are unaware of it, a man with a gun was arrested at one of final meetings of the President-Elect who could have quite easily been shot even before entering the “oval-office” for the first time, as President). The mere fact that he did come back onto the stage less than five minutes after being shuffled off by his security-men, only proves that Mr.Trump is no coward. He could have ended the meeting and gone back to his hotel & safety, but credit has to be given, where credit is due.

The man who came back on-stage to give his President-Elect winning speech was certainly NOT the man who had campaigned for many months, to make America GREAT again, sometimes insulting his adversary, sometimes stating that America was in the doldrums, sometimes stating “flights of personal fantasy has now (or will now) become one of the most powerful men on our Planet.He has come back onto the “stage” into a position quite certainly between a rock and a hard place. Very often during his brand new” honeymoon period”, he is definitely going to be damned if he does and damned if he does’nt BUT, while I cannot write anything more, on what might or might not occur, for obvious reasons, I would like to congratulate Mr.Donald J.Trump on winning the election handsomely and respectfully remind him that Australia remains one of the most important allies of The United States of America. God bless you Sir, your fine family. God bless Australia & God bless America.
Desmond Kelly.
“Star of eLanka”.

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