eLanka Newsletter: May 2019 2nd edition: Sri Lankans in Australia

eLanka Newsletter: May 2019 2nd edition: Sri Lankans in Australia

Please click here or on the image below to read this week’s eLanka Newsletter for the Sri Lankan Down – Under!


eLanka Newsletter: May 2019 2nd edition
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Shemara Wikramanayake: Australia’s $17mln female executive tops pay list – By Angela Priestley

Macquarie’s Shemara Wikramanayake gives all women something to celebrate as she tops the list for executive pay. Women’s Agenda’s Angela Priestley tells us more.By Angela Priestley (financy – women’s money matters)

There’s nothing like playing ‘spot the women’ when it comes to lists ranking the salaries of those in the mega-rich stratosphere.


It was the “Australia Day” The Cricketing Test Match between Australia and Sri Lanka, held at the Adelaide Oval in 1996, a memorable year, in that, it was also the very first time a “Visiting Team” National Anthem was both played and sung at a sporting event, on Australia Day, a practice that has now become a tradition……

MasterChef Contestant DEE WILLIAMS LAUNCHES YOUTUBE CHANNEL – DEE-LICIOUS Story by Marie Pietersz, Melbourne

MasterChef Judge Matt Preston’s reaction to Dee’s dish of Sri Lankan chicken curry, dhal and coconut sambol, is about to take on a life of its own, when Dee launches her YouTube channel Dee-licious on Wednesday, 8 May. Dee’s short but very happy time on MasterChef has had a very positive experience on her, so I will follow this up in my personal and candid chat with her.

Sri Lanka Easter bombings: I came face-to-face with the bomber who nearly killed us – By Haneke Manoharan

They brushed past us, moments before the first explosion.

We knew we had come face-to-face with them, but we didn’t realise how close they were until we saw the CCTV footage of the Shangri-La on the news.

A horrific Easter that will never be forgotten – BY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE

Never in anyone’s wildest imagination would they expect a religious visit to Church to proclaim and rejoice in the Resurrection of the risen Lord would end in brutal mass murder, chaos and mayhem as Sri Lanka’s Christians experienced on Easter Sunday, a day never to be forgotten for all the wrong reasons.

Rise Up Sri Lanka – by Rukshan Perera

“Rise Up Sri Lanka”, a song dedicated to those who said good bye to us on Easter Sunday 21st April 2019, those who survived the brutal attacks, and to their families. In their name, let us all (Sri Lankan communities, races and religions) together rise up in love, unity, respect and harmony and rebuild our beautiful country, Sri Lanka. Composed and sung by Rukshan Perera, Backup Vocals Sohan Weerasinghe and Choro Calibre. Music by Rukshan….

A tribute to Brian Pereira By brother Lorenz Pereira. Both outstanding sportsmen from Sri Lanka

Remembering Bryan
Eustace Bryan Pereira passed away on 3 April 2019 at the age of 78, quite unexpectedly, but peacefully, with dignity and with no fuss in keeping with his gentle character and laconic lifestyle. Bryan operated in a by-gone time capsule setting his own agenda, quite oblivious to the topsy turvy and goings on of the environment around him.He was blessed with simplicity and humility, like his Father, and was unbothered with the triviality of inconsequential occurings of daily life. Indeed a most pragmatic and philosophical path to a contented lifestyle………..

Daily walk is the Panacea for good health & Longevity Good advice by Dr Harold Gunatillake

Martin Luther Jr said it differently-
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr..

Maxie’s Corner – eLanka Cartoons by Max Gerreyn


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eLanka Events – MELBOURNE
Melbourne Thunders Sports Club Inc presents – Thunders Club Night & Awards presentation (Melbourne event)

22nd June 2019

WESAK Celebrationsl

18th & 19th May 2019

The VOC Heritage in Asia – Dutch Burghers of Ceylon Exhibition

9th June 2019

Autumn Soiree – 2019 – Old Paulines 13th Successive Annual Dinner Dance
Autumn Soiree – 2019 – Old Paulines 13th Successive Annual Dinner Dance – organised by the St Paul’s Kelaniya Benevolent Fund (Australia) Inc (in memory of the late Teacher & Vic e Principal, Mrs Florence Senewiratne)

Saturday, 1st June, 7.30 pm to 12.30 am
Grand on Princess Reception Centre
2251 Princes Highway
Music by No Limit, featuring Esric Jackson
Cost: $60.00 per Adult, $25.00 per Child Under 12
1st June 2019

Get Together – RanaViru Samaruma 2019
රණවිරු සැමරුම 2019

26th May 2019


15th June 2019

Burgher Association Australia presents – Yummy Rotti & Pittu Lunch

23rd June 2019

Sandra Jackson Tribute Night

29th June 2019

the dance extravaganza

25th May 2019

The Ex Royal Ceylon Air Force Club Inc.Melbourne Presents – Eagles Night

22nd June 2019

The Voluntary Outreach Club presents “Fill a Bowl” (Melbourne event)

31st August 2019

Isipathana College OBA presents – GREEN BREEZE 2019 – 20th Anniversary Dinner Dance

22nd June 2019

eLanka Events – SYDNEY
The Bellbirds Club Inc Presents Glitz & Glamour – 1st June 2019 (Sydney event)

1st June 2019

Monthly Open Day For Sri Lankan Seniors (Sydney event)

14th May 2019

“Kandula” in Sydney – An Extraordinary musical extravaganza (20th July 2019) – at Concourse Auditorium Chatswood

20th July 2019

SCC Nite 2019 – Fundraising Dinner – 8th June (Sydney event)

8th June 2019

NSW Police Briefing for the Sri Lankan Community in Sydney on Wednesday, 15 May 2019

15th May 2019
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK – SYDNEY – CDF Patient Transport Annual Ball 2019

24th August 2019

Peterite Annual Fund Raiser Dinner-Dance at the Don Moore Community Centre, North Rocks (Saturday October 5, 2019)

10th October 2019

University of Colombo Aumni Association of NSW presents – Priya Sooriyasena and Athma Liyanage (Sydney event) – Live in Concert

15th June 2019

Wesley College(Colombo) OBA(NSW) Inc Presents Double Blue Spring Ball

28th September 2019

STC OBA NSW-ACT presents BLACK – Dance party (Sydney event)

15th June 2019

Old Josephians Association of New South Wales Peerless Pearl – 30th Anniversary Ball

16th November 2019

Ceylon Society of Australia – 2nd Public Meeting 26th May 2019

26th May 2019

Click below for more events

eLanka Events – Brisbane / Canberra

“Have a Chat’ – (Brisbane event) – 19th May 2019

19th May 2019

A Night of Glitz & Glamour – Bollywood in Brisbane in aid of Shanthi Palliative Care Hospital

1st June 2019

Priya & Athma in concert (Canberra Event)

16th June 2019

Click below for more events

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Please click here or on the image below to read this week’s eLanka Newsletter for the Sri Lankan Down – Under!


eLanka Newsletter: May 2019 2nd edition

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