The Annual Feast of Our Lady of Madhu as organised by the Pauline Fathers of Berrima

Date(s) - 07/07/2019 - 08/07/2019
10:30 am - 12:00 am





The Annual Feast of Our Lady of Madhu as organised by the Pauline Fathers of Berrima


Sunday 07 July 2019

at 10.30 am

Address: 120 Hanging Rock Road, Sutton Forest, NSW 2577

Dear Patrons of Our lady of Madhu 

May the blessing of God our father, Son our redeemer and the Holy Spirit the paraclete be upon you and your families. 

“Our Lady of Madhu has played a significant role in bring us closer to her Son. She had been the centre of our healing both physically and spiritually. Her Church in Madhu, Srilanka was the most revered shrine for people from all walks of life and non-discriminatory in  terms of race, religion and language. She was a mother to all. However, lot of us who live in this beautiful and lovely country of Australia has been deprived of the opportunjity on our annual pilgrimage to this wonderful shrine in Srilanka.

With God’s grace, we now have been blessed with the Madhu Chapel in Berrima at the Pauline Father’s Monastery.  Many of you already know that we celebrate the Love of our Mother in July every year. Lot of you have contributed to the success of this celebration in the past and we are certain you will continue to seek Mother’s blessing every year. Our loving country needs our Mother’s intercession at this crucial moment. We invite you to come and pray for our country as a united front. There are only two commandments our Lord has asked us to do, if we believe in him. ‘Love God’ and ‘Love your neighbour’.  There is no better way to show this than coming together as one nation to our Mother.

 Praise the Lord.”

NB: Please see the flyer for more details.

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