For a while there, Prince Harry Windsor & Meghan Markle lost a bit of the sparkle, as far as the Social Media

were concerned. Too many important events taking place around the world right now. Then, they suddenly decide that they both want to “break away” from Royal tradition and the duties so entailed.  From what we hear, Her Majesty the Queen was not forewarned about it, and, already having had a bumpy sort of of year, this news would certainly not have  helped  to iron out the bumps.

           However, to put it all into perspective, Prince Harry must know exactly what Royal Protocol is about and should have passed this knowledge, on-to his wife, who took on the job of being a wife & mother IN Britain’s Royal Family, knowing perfectly well, the implications this involved. 

          Now, suddenly, it seems that both Harry & Meghan wish to spend 50% of their time in London, & 50% in America, Meghan’s homeland. I do not believe everything the Press is publicising, what Australia calls “Breaking News”. They have now gone a bit further to call it the “Split”.

FAR MORE IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS (or Broken News), as I would term it, is the fact that Bushfires are burning up many LARGE Areas of Australia, Millions of Animals have already lost their lives, thank God, there have been very few human lives, in comparison, although even a single life could be termed catastrophic. We are practically on the verge of World War 3, Iran is involved in a plane crash that has killed176 innocent people (by mistake), they claim. 

There is much more to that story as well, but I will refrain from going into the sordid details. Certain people, (if the cap fits, they can wear it), will either have to go back to catapult shooting, their “aim” is so very bad, OR, they are “crack-shots”, able to fire more than a dozen missiles, into a densely populated”barracks”, without hitting ANYBODY !!!. 

Social Media are having a ball with all this breaking news, but there are many out there, who are not idiots.This writer is not one either, but Man!!, I am very sceptical about everything that is going on at the moment.  

           Getting back to where I started, Prince Harry & Meghan, so far, both of you have done a superb job, at various places, representing the ” Crown”, Congratulations on that, but, if you now wish to “do your own thing”, by all means, do it,  yet, you CANNOT forego ROYAL DUTIES, and still keep your ROYAL STATUS, in other words, you cannot have your cake, and eat it, at the same time. You wish to be independent ?, go ahead. However, Harry, your Royal Grandmother will decide on what has to be done, and so be it. SHE is still the Monarch, God Save The Queen.

Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.


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