Two or three have passed us by, in the last 24 hours, unnoticed because they are skimming across the Universe, at a million miles per second, light years away from this little “blue ball”(thank God), these asteroids have, so far, been no threat to the Earth, as we know it. 

However, two 10 kilometre sized asteroids DID hit Australia around 330 million years ago, in the West-Warburton Area, creating a “basin” that covered about 400 kilometres. This is one big bloody basin, still visible to anyone who wants to take a look at it. It is extremely difficult even to imagine the Universe, with it’s trillions of stars, galaxies, black holes, and asteroids hurtling around in deep space, meteorites and sudden “shooting-stars”, leaving a fiery tail, as they vanish from sight. As youngsters, of merely 3 score & 10 years ago,there wasn’t very much knowledge around, about Space in general, unless, of course, your father was a dyed in the wool Scientist. My dad was a bank clerk, and even during my short educational stanza, I was never interested in Science. The only “stars” that I was concerned with, were the Stars-on-Stage, & on-screen. Quite different in this day and age. What, with all the telescopes, strong binoculars, Science classes at School, Scientists, technical facilities to permit the study of all things Universal & concern about asteroids that may, at any moment, hit us, this subject is fast becoming very important to all of us, humans.

     Which brings me to the latest news that there is an asteroid, taller than the Empire State Building, and goodness only knows, how broad, is heading toward Earth.

When, or if it “hits”, is anybody’s guess, but, if it does, the catastrophic consequences will be unimaginable.

This is what President Trump should be concentrating on. rather than the next Presidential election.

More importantly, Donald Trump should organize another meeting with Kim Un, & after another cordial shaking of hands, or even a kiss on the cheek, instruct the “Rocket-Man” to get ready to fire his rockets for a good cause. To save the Earth from these asteroids & things, in return for an easing of “sanctions”. Kim Un has been having a lot of practice with his rockets as lately as a fortnight ago, and should know that asteroids are masses of solid material that CAN BE blasted into smithereens, causing much less damage, even if they do hit this fragile ” blue ball” Earth.

In Australia, too, Politicians should put their Priorities into

Practice, & learn the best method in avoiding Asteroids.


Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly
 (Editor-in-Chief)   eLanka.


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