Joe Van Langenberg

While some may call them glorified hookers, opportunistic parasites, or worse, the fact remains that sugar babes, or women who forge bonds with older men for monetary considerations, are human beings with feelings; just like the rest of us.

Those with puritanical values, or the morality police, who at times are intent in extracting the mote from others’ eyes, without firstly removing the beam from theirs; derive satisfaction in drawing attention to the fact, that the term sugar babes, is just an euphemism for high-society escort girls, who have no qualms in not liquidating their investments (or to be more precise, sugar daddies or older men, who satisfy their sugar babes’ every need, in return for sexual favours).

Which then begs the all-important question; By engaging in activities of this nature, which some, if not most, may label abhorrent, a violation of the sixth commandment, or may even reckon goes against the very grain of Biblical guidelines; can it then be fair & logical, to take on the role of judge, jury & executioner; by casting the first stone; a course of action which smacks of bias & prejudice. These so-called sugar babes, who kill two birds with one stone, by mixing business with pleasure; while simultaneously keeping their older “boyfriends” warm, fuzzy & happy, while they enjoying the company of their younger, sexier & more vivacious “girl friends”, cannot be faulted by those who mouth platitudes from their “squeaky-clean ivory towers.

In this permissive day & age, when political decision makers in many countries have legalised marriage equality, thus paving the way for same-sex couples to marry & in some instances adopt children, it begs the next question; why are sugar babes’ actions viewed any differently? Hasn’t the sex industry been approved by the highest echelons of society & just another taxable, honourable profession, which is not being openly frowned on. Why hasn’t those who are supposedly so prim, proper & easily shocked by what sugar babes do, measure the sex industry by the same yardstick, instead of singling out the sugar babes, who rightly or wrongly live on their own terms, without harming anyone in the process. The difference between what a sex worker & a sugar babe does, is minuscule.

As such, there must be no splitting of hairs. If these so called puritans are of the view, that sugar babes keep on walking moral & ethical tightropes, while sex workers don’t, given the legitimisation of their profession, they have got their priorities tied up in knots & need to turn the searchlight inwards in an attempt to arrive at the right conclusion!



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