“TIGHT-FITTING JEANS” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

The “lyrics”, telling the story are self-explanatory.

At some time in the not too distant past, everyone was wearing them but, did they suit everyone? , not on your “nelly”, Kelly. Recently, I watched an episode of Seinfeld (a television show I’ve enjoyed), where Kramer had got(prised) himself into a pair of these “jeans” & couldn’t get himself “out”, with hilarious results. Also goes to show that “most” men look absolutely ridiculous in them, but the girls present a much more satisfying “picture”, especially if they have looked-after their “figures”.

Anyway, “a picture says a thousand words”& now, Especially For You”, my eLanka & Lanka Times readers “a true story”. Names witheld for obvious reasons, but this writer always “tells it like it is”

She tried to hide it.by the faded denims that she wore
But I knew she’d never been inside a bar, before
And I felt like a pheasant. who just had met his Queen
Cos she knew, I saw right thru, her tight-fitting jeans.

I asked her, “what’s a woman. like you,doing here?
I see, you’re used to champaigne,
But, I’ll buy you a beer”
She said “you’ve got me figured out
But I’m not what I seem
And for a dance,I’ll tell you about my tight-fitting jeans

She said “I married money, I’m used to wearing pearls
But I’ve always dreamed of being, a Country boy’s girl
So, tonight, I’ve left those crystal-candles
That you’ve never seen
And partner, there’s a tiger in these tight-fitting jeans

We danced & then we danced again
Till the night was nearly through
I’m satisfied I did my best
To make her dreams come true
As she played out her fantasy
Before my eyes, it seems
The cow-girl came alive,inside
Those tight-fitting jeans

In my mind she’s still a lady,
That’s all I’m gonna say
I knew that we’d be broken,
By the time, we “parted-ways”
And I knew I’d “held more woman”
Than most eyes had ever seen
The night I knew the lady in those tight-fitting jeans

Well, now she’s back in her world
And I’m still back in mine
But I always will remember, that very special “time”
When a simple Country-Singer
Had a rich millionaire’s dream
And boy!, I loved the lady in those tight-fitting Jeans..

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.

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