It is time for me to switch over to “My lovely Island home” in order to bring my readers of eLanka my personal choice of “Showbiz” Legends from the little Island of “Eternal-Summer”, still another “nom de plume” which keeps attracting the tourists in their thousands, each year.

Again, there are thousands of songs being recorded by various Artistes, both Male & Female, Bands, Groups, Duos, Trios & Quartets, who ultimately find their “efforts” posted on “You-Tube”.

These talented people have now caught my eye, so I feel that it is STILL the added publicity that I am able to afford them, through eLanka, the foremost website for Lankan Aussies, plus, with the added complicity of the “Outernet”, (the baby of the Internet), which adequately captures the imagination, inspiration, and reminiscence of Lankans living all over the World, will, most certainly enhance the reputation of those who are the “Jewels in the Crown”, as far as Entertainers are concerned. I find myself very lucky indeed, to be able to choose the “acts” I prefer, for this Series. No negotiations will be entered into, absolutely no finance involved, as far as eLanka & myself are concerned.

After 75 long years in “Showbiz”, I am proud indeed, to be able to feature only those, whose Music will bring back plenty of memories, to everyone concerned.

My first choice, in this particular Series, as the curtain opens, are the “Dharamaratne Brothers”, Christie, Maxwell, Melroy & Ronald, the first “all-family” Sinhala Pop Group to rack up several “hits” during the 60’s and 70’s. Seems a pity that the “spelling” of the first song I have chosen is somewhat amiss. It should have been “Varsity Kollo”, boys.

I think it is the abbreviation of University, hence, my title, however, the songs I have chosen are top-class, showing these brothers off, for who they are. Please sit back folks, and enjoy, The Dharmaratne Brothers.

P.S It is with sadness that the “Varsity Kollo” song is a tribute to Ronald Dharmaratne, who has since passed away. What started off as a Quartette, is now a Trio.



Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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