Another year has come and gone
Since the day our love was born
Though, to me, it seems, not very long ago
We’ve had good times, we’ve had bad
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
But through every passing day I’ve loved you so

There were many bitter tears
There were many sudden fears
So many times, we thought our love could never be
But thru every joy & tear, fate has made it pretty clear
All this means, that yoy were only mean’t for me

There were times we had to part
And it made the teardrops start
There were times when we were close, yet far away
But these were just a few bad dreams
And, right now, to me it seems
You are in my heart, and there, you’ll always stay.

Lyrics & Music by  Desmond (Kelly from Colombo)

Note. Desmond Kelly unrecorded “Songs” always available as “Original Compositions” to “elanka” readers. Please contact me on dkelly2u@gmail.com

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