THE BALLAD OF MARY-ROSEby DK “the Star of elanka!”

THE BALLAD OF MARY-ROSE by DK “the Star of elanka!”

“Stories in song”, three little words that, I believe, should be the “basic platform” of anyone who calls himself/herself, a song-writer. A song is, as I have often said, a condensed “story” combined with a piece of music as a background. Where a story takes a few thousand words to explain itself, many paragraphs and, depending on it’s length, many hours to read, a song is much more brief,  but must still endeavour to tell it’s story to best effect. The only necessacity here, would be a good “vocalist” to fill the void.

Millions of songs have been written over the years. Of these “compositions”, many have been the works of dual personalities in both “lyricists”& “music”, composers who work together to produce a song.
I have been extremely blessed in that I can still do both. I can, and have written both the lyrics & music to dozens of songs. Although the “theory” of music is unfortunately not a talent of mine, I cannot “read” music at all, but, if a “tune” enters into my brain at any time of day or night, my memory goes to work, stores the tune, while, at the same time, thinking about a “title” & “lyrics” to fit the tune. The strange part of it is the fact that “titles” to songs are my biggest problem. Once I get a title in mind, “stories in song” flow easily.

Because I truly believe that “Country” depicts real-life I have written many “Country-Songs”. Most are love-songs, some happy, some sad, many good, none bad, you see, all you good eLankan readers around the World, I even “write” in rhyme often, so here is my first “Cheating-Country-Song”


I’m gonna tell you a little story,
and I just want you to listen close,
it’s all about a nice young fella
and his girl, named Mary-Rose

He loved her, yes, he loved her,
she was to be his “blushing bride”
and he could hardly wait, till she was by his side

He built his castles high-up in the air,
but when they tumbled, it was more than he could bear

She told him that she loved him,
yet, she knew this was untrue
For all her lovin was divided,
between him, and someone new

She tried to keep it all a secret,
she did’nt know that “walls had ears”
But when he found out, it was far too late for tears

He knew right then, that she was being unfair,
his whole heart was torn out, he just did’nt care

He told her, he was sorry,
that it had to end this way,
he shot her, then he shot himself that day

Now, here’s the “moral” of my story,
and it only goes to show,
never trust a pretty woman,
wherever you may go,
and, before you make a wrong move,
get advice from one who knows,
Learn a lesson from the tale of Mary-Rose.

“Nothin to do with me folks & I’m not going to name the guy who did the shootin, but it was a Lankan”

Lyrics & Music (of the song) , a true story, yeah, By :-

Desmond (Kelly from Colombo).

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