“BREAKING NEWS. HOT, HOT, HOT”.!!! – By Des Kelly & Australian Temperatures – History – 1896 was a particularly bad year


     “BREAKING NEWS. HOT, HOT, HOT”.!!! – By Des Kelly

 Just goes to show what our “Social Media” is capable of. The furore of Climate-Change is now on the agenda, all around the world, yet, to all intents and purposes, this is all stale news. I have already written about this subject many times, have never claimed to be a “Climatologist” or an expert in this field, still, to anyone, with even half a brain, the realization that CLIMATE-CHANGE on Earth, has ALWAYS been going on, this “little blue ball” as I prefer to call it, is gradually, VERY GRADUALLY, moving closer to the “great golden ball” in the sky called the SUN, anyway, and NOTHING can change this. We humans CAN DELAY the ultimate catastrophic-climax, by reducing emissions, etc., etc., but the simple fact of the matter is that we CANNOT EVER STOP CLIMATE-CHANGE!!. 

          As this next very interesting article clearly shows, Climate-change in Australia has been going on “forever and a day”, with an extra bad year happening in 1896, 124 long years ago. We have had other terrible years since, 2019, included, and, doubtless, there will be more to come.

With all this new technology available to us now, and with the “brains” that GOD has given some of us, future Generations should be able to MINIMIZE the effects of 

Global-warming will surely cause. 

          Anyway, in the not too distant future, Humankind will  endeavour to make another ball in the sky, their home, and, if not successful with the Moon, they will then try Mars.

Most of us, here on Earth today, will not be around, when this happens, so let’s not worry about Climate-Change on these other celestial bodies, shall we ???.

Desmond Kelly
(Editor -in -Chief)  eLanka.


Newspapers of yesteryear will always be a true record of what really happened not like the present news which is adjusted to suit the current propaganda
So much for global warming it’s been heating up forever

Australian Temperatures

They’ve suffered before, which doesn’t make the current tragedy any less of a tragedy. 


Forgotten history: 50 degrees everywhere, right across Australia in the 1800s

50C temperatures have occurred all over Australia before

In 1939 outer Sydney reached 122F or over 50C – recorded at Windsor Observatory

The worst heatwave was probably January 1896 when the nation was “like a furnace”.

Extreme heat in 1896: Panic stricken people fled the outback on special trains as hundreds die.

The Warwick Examiner, Jan 29, 1896.

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