BUTTONS & BOWS by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

Mr. Daniel Ellsberg, on the A.B.C.(7.30 Report on 4/1/2018), an older, obviously intelligent man, totally, it seems, against the latest rhetoric of the President of the United States of America who has compared “buttons” with the President of North Korea.

I am an older, also intelligent man (hopefully), a Lankan/ Aussie, seated on a comfortable armchair, at home, in Victoria, watching this “report” with interest, to report to my many thousands of readers on eLanka, that “buttons” are not “my thing”, however, many older Lankans in Australia at the moment, will remember the “special” trouser buttons that used to come in 3 parts. (2 semicircular brown halves, with a little “connector” in the centre), to hold the “fly” of the trousers in place, until one had to undo one or two, at the bottom, for a “pee”. To describe the above, intelligently, one had to restrain urination, until the central orifice of the trouser worn, was daintily undone, standing at a handy urinal. If you could not do it daintily, you were in trouble.

Nowadays, I simply wear a “Sinhala-Sarong” which has no “buttons” at all, and, in fact, these are much more comfortable to wear because, most of our cheaper trousers in Australia are imported from China and as they are a smaller “Race” in general, their trousers tend to be very much like the “Palais-Theatre” in Melbourne, no “ball-room”. 

Getting very serious, again, Daniel, I am very sorry, but I have to correct you, on this one. Ever since the new President came into the  “White-House”, as a matter of fact,

even during the rather puerile “campaigns” of both the Democrats & Republicans, unnecessary “twitter” came into being. To you, Daniel, and to me, I feel sure that you will agree, only birds (the feathered variety), twitter. The “format” for this new practice, (the human variety), was only started to lessen the English language for “Politicians”.

However Daniel, this is where you are wrong in this instance

Right from the very start of this present “Nuclear” debate, 

“UN” has been the one who has been aggressive. HE has broken “International Law” several times, “testing” his nuclear missiles. “Sanctions”, it seems, have been useless.

It is UN who is the ONE, who wants to wield the bloody Nuclear GUN. Now, his back is against the wall & HE indicated that the button” was always ready, on his desk.

Now, “Un’s one” has to be smaller, so President Trump has reciprocated with the “twitter” that he has a “BIGGER ONE”.

What did you expect the U.S.President to say, Daniel?.

He was talking about his “button” of course. 

It is now 2018. Love is in the air. I have found, in my old age, that there is nothing sweeter to hear than the twitter of birds on the wing. We don’t want ANY BLOODY BUTTONS pressed. At the same time, if ANY COUNTRY is threatened by any silly-looking despot, any avoidable action must be taken to avoid World War 3, which will certainly be the WAR WHICH WILL END THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT.

Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka

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