COMEDY IS, AS COMEDY DOES – By Des Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

COMEDY IS, AS COMEDY DOES – By Des Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

In what is termed “social-media” today, comedy, as such, takes a “back-seat” unfortunately. “porno- comedy” is very much in the forefront, everywhere. “butts, boobs, hookers & nudes”, transvestites and “gay dudes”, not “comedy” anymore, just crude.

          My most recent “brush” with porno-comedy was when “someone out there”, quite probably a “Lankan” who liked “baila” took it upon themselves to include a female porno-model “dancing her butt off” to a recording of mine, done as a tribute to the “King” of Baila himself, the late great Wally Bastiensz.

          I did this particular tribute to Wally, entitled “Baila Sellama (the baila-game), which included a few “Waada-Baila” verses, because Wally himself, taught me to sing baila (in competition) even before I became a teenager. He lived in Moratuwa, as I did, possibly “saw”, that here was a young “Lansia” who loved to entertain, and took it upon himself to teach me to sing these very popular baila verses, some of which I then sang to audiences who laughed as loudly as they applauded my efforts because, although I had no idea as to what I was singing about, the soft-kunuharapa verses kept my audiences happy. As I always say, people pay to see “entertainers”. The least we can do is to keep them happy, laughing & entertained.
          This particular “baila-enthusiast” “borrowed” my tribute to Mr.Bastiensz (which is already featured in my “Especially for you” CD on e’Lanka you-tube), & featured a rather “tacky” female stripper “dancing” to  Mr.Music’s singing! . I am no prude, never have been, but I would like this person to know that “full nudity”, male or female, has never interested me. There I went, singing my heart out, especially for you, you idiot,
“on-na ithin patangattha, baila-sell-ama” & it wasn’t “baila” , this sheila was doing. Her “movements” indicated that she was not al all interested in baila-dancing & this is what I take umbrage to. Wally (RIP) , would probably be turning in his grave at this outrage.
Sorry, Wally, I’ve done my best, but the “prostitution” of your “baila-sell-ama” , as a close Mate of mine said, has been both tacky & rude. Now, had this “model” been wearing a “neglige”, it would have been far more interesting.

          To go on, with comedy is, as comedy does, something else is happening with our social-media, these days. E’mails, abundantly featuring “jokes” that one has to “tickle” themselves, to laugh, are flying around,  helter-skelter. There is nothing wrong with a joke that makes you crack a smile. These are sorely needed nowadays, but “subtle” jokes are the best ones. This being the case, e’Lanka & “your’s truly” will endeavour to bring you, our readers a couple or three subtle jokes to brighten up your life.  Here goes :-

          “I keep fit by having a pint of milk every day. I also have this habit of bathing in milk.” Someone said “pasturised’?, I said “no, just up to my knees”.

          A song, sung by a lout, about to be sent back to his own Country, from Australia. “I never felt more like singing the blues, (cos I never thought that I’d ever lose your love), I did, and now await deportation”.

          English Comedian Les Dawson once said, “Clint Eastwood An I are so much alike, butch in the face of danger and utterly fearless. If, for instance, if  I am threatened by such awesome thugs as my wife or her mother, I resort to the old Apache Indian trick of screaming and begging for mercy”.

Des Kelly. 
“Star of e’Lanka”

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