“DRAPE” By Des Kelly

“DRAPE” By Des Kelly

A rather strange Queensland Newspaper “Headline”. Dr. Samitha Sudusinghe, (Sri Lankan, of course, as the name suggests), has just been in and out of Court, over there, accused of raping a female patient a while ago, in 2015. Thank goodness, for a start, that Queensland “hears” these cases so rapidly. If it happened in Victoria, the case would have come into Court around 2030.

 Dr.Sudusinghe had obviously been seeing this patient, who, I presume, is an Indian/Tamil lady, whose own G.P. had gone to India on a holiday. Yes, G.P.s DO earn well enough to enable them to have a holiday sometimes, but, anyway, 

Dr. Sudusinghe had been seeing this woman nearly twice a month, for five of them. The complaint ?, abominable, oops, sorry, abdominal pain!!. Hardly worth an “operation” I would say, but then, according to the patient, there was no sexual harassment on the part of the good doctor, for the first few visits. What I cannot understand is why this minor complaint could not have been “corrected” by Dr. S.?. 

What kept bringing her back to see him so often ?, was it his medical expertise or his “couch-side” manner, that kept her coming back ?. These questions will undoubtedly come up in Court. 

Soon, it was November, 2015, probably around the 6th or 7th “visit” when it is alleged that Dr. Sudusinghe tried to rape her ?!!, by inserting one of his fingers “through”, not “below” her underwear, into her, softly singing, “nothing could be fina, than to be in this vagina, in the morning”. Of course, his method of this harassment was sadly lacking finesse, so, he tried again, it is alleged, but by this time, she was beginning to understand what was happening, pushed his arm away, crossed her legs, and asked him, “Which part of No,  don’t you understand”?!!(which is also a great Country song). On a previous appointment, Dr.S., was alleged to have slapped her lightly on her rear, as she picked up her young son, but that was possibly because this brat was trying to tie the shoelaces of the doctor together, under his table. One cannot smack young children nowadays, so the doctor took it out on this young mother. 

 Of course, I am not making any excuses for him, but this doctor has pleaded “not-guilty” to all charges, for it will also be pointed out by the Crown Prosecutor, Mr. Christopher Cook that the Jury will hear covertly recorded conversations between Doctor & Patient, most of it not understood, because, firstly, it was possibly spoken in Sinhalese, she had asked him why he had touched her without permission, and he, being a singer of sorts, in addition to being a doctor, started warbling ” North of the border, over her navel” while actually going “South of the border”, sung indistincty.

Most importantly, the case will continue till Friday & possibly into next week. I an not the judge here, but IF they do find Dr.Samitha Sudusinghe guilty of rape, he WILL, after carrying out the punishment meted out, certainly change his name to Dr.Samitha Kalusinghe.!

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly
(Editor-in-Chief). –  eLanka

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