“DUAL-CRITICISMSHIP” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka


Lo! , & behold. Another new English “dual-word”.

My criticism of another silly “problem” going on in our Federal Parliment Rooms at the moment. First and foremost, before anybody gets another silly comment in about my “wide” knowledge on Censuses and our “Parlimentary-Procedure,” I have to put it down in writing, that I know next to nothing about our Federal Government business in Australia. However I say “next to nothing”, because, indeed, I do know a little something, (it’s called common-sense), as a matter of fact, I do know a FEW LITTLE SOMETHINGS that go on in Parliment, each time they “sit” on their comfortable chairs. At the moment, the flavour of the month is “Dual-Citizenship” of Parlimentarians and the flavour is “chillie-hot”. Aussie Pollies are a “special lot”.!

According to what is termed the “Constitution” which began when Parliment was born, clearly stated that if you wanted to be a “Pollie” as they are all so affectionately known here, in Australia, you had to be BORN here, yourself and your parents, naturally, had to register your name as a Citizen of Australia. That part is quite clear, but now, comes the.problem. Let us.just take England as an example. If your parents were born in England & you were born there, your name would be registered in England as well. So far, so good. If you, as a “Pom” came to Australia, by yourself or, with your parents, & work like slaves, as most Sri Lankans (myself included) do, to earn a buck or two, thats fine. We are ordinary “migrants” lucky enough to be accepted into this Country, however many of us, some who are personally known to me,have not even bothered to take out Citizenship status, still enjoy the “lurks & perks” that this Country offers, and nobody gives a damn. If you wanted to be a Politician, though, the bloody CONSTITUTION states that you CANNOT be a “Dual- Citizen” & your parents,(God bless their souls) should have cancelled your previous Citizenship after your arrival here anyway, although how were they to know what YOU wanted to do with your life? It does get pretty confusing.

Therefore, in my book, IF Mr.Joyce & the others involved, had known that they wanted to be either the P.M. , Deputy P.M. or just sit in Parliment, twiddling their thumbs, they should have been made to study the Constitution & take the necessary steps to ensure that all other Citizenships they bore were cancelled and, in so doing, they were Australian Citizens ONLY. This should have been the practice from day ONE.!
NOW, “It’s too late for regrets”, as I say in my song,

Each & every would-be Politician MUST thoroughly review their individual situation and resign from their Parlimentary Positions without further ado, if need be. If, as a result, P.M.Turnbull has to call another “early election”, so be it.


” Dual-Citizenship” runs a distant 2nd to issues such as DISCIPLINE. This Country is trying to run itself on “ZERO-DISCIPLINE”. This most important word has almost disappeared from any Australian Dictionary. As recently as 1962, when I arrived here, a “cop” could give you a “cuff” on the ear or a kick up the backside if they caught you doing something against the law. NOW, in 2017, they cannot even get the wrong-doer’s name & address without being told what to do with themselves (an almost impossible task), yet they (the cops) have to still “write” multiple pages of reports to get these, mostly young thugs, to Court, where, in most cases, the Judge will simply have the sneering law-breaker rapped on the knuckles with a feather-duster & be told not to do it again. The Legal-System in Australia is a farce. Talking about “Dual-Citizenship” Victims of crime here simply become “Dual-Victims”.

They are dragged through the Courts to go through everything they have already been through, only to have plenty of “DO-GOODERS” come in to quote on the poor law-breaker who was on drugs or mentally insane and, in the more serious cases, how perhaps they could be rehabilitated by a short “holiday” in our Prison-System, the cells in which are akin to rooms of most 4star hotels in the World. Dual Citizenship be buggered.!, New, much tougher Justice/Jail systems are far more important. You do the crime, you pay with your time, so pay their fares and send them to jails in the Phillipines of Indonisia or any third-world Country jail to really REHABILITATE them. Let them see what “hard labour” is all about. Need I say more? .

Want to stop terrorism? . It is certainly not easy because it keeps recurring like a festered sore, but again, a band-aid will not solve the problem. While terrorists spring up everywhere in this World, using “religon” as a “front-piece” or a “shield”, the Australian Department of Immigration & emigration have to be much more disciplined (there’s that word again), in double & triple checking EVERY ADULT ENTRANT into this Country. Refugees, Migrants, EVERYBODY.!
Still, the odd S.O.B. (Sod or Bitch) will get thru, breed & produce the “pariahs” who will then become the in-house terrorists. Heres where the DISCIPLINE comes in again. It doesn’t matter if it takes months to locate them, when they do, the Australian Authorities should, after ensuring that these ARE the ones they are after, IMMEDIATELY de-register their Citizenship, pay their fares and send them back to their Countries of origin.

Any exAustralian terrorist, fighting with a terrorist group ANYWHERE, should be LEFT there to fight & hopefully die with his terrorist friends. Why try to bring him/her back to Australia to start trouble here? .


So, the boats have been stopped. Aussie Navy Patrols are doing their job in stopping too many refugees from coming to Australia & saving those who have unfortunately been tossed into the sea, BUT dozens of them are still getting thru & this is where the “VETTING DISCIPLINE” begins. As I said before, every refugee has to be vetted thoroughly. Most of them are not criminals and should not be treated as such. However, refugees MUST be willing to make their new start in Australia ANYWHERE, before being accepted as Cirizens. As refugees from Asian Countries especially, tend to be rather lazy & “nit-pick” as far as jobs are concerned, DISCIPLINE must be brought in and “wanna-be Aussies” must be taught that LABOR is just a Political Party here, while LABOUR (spelt correctly), is acceptable in any way, shape or form.

No matter which way you.look at it, “Labour is the same” while “Disclipline is the game”!!

There are plenty of much more important issues than Dual-Citizenship. “TAX-EVASION” . Also very confusing, as “TAX-AVOIDENCE” is legal, while Evasion is illegal. BOTH are costing the Government a fortune. GAMBLING, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ROAD-TRAUMA BANKS, RETIREMENT HOMES, HOSPITALS, MEDIBANK, EDUCATION, I could go on & on & on & where does it lead me? – DISCIPLINE is needed to control ALL OF IT.

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka.

desmond kelly

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