The strangest things do happen in “Show-business”.

It has been seventy six years or thereabouts since I have been a part of it, both in “old Ceylon” & now, Australia, where, try as I might, I have never been successful in the “selling” of any of my original “song-compositions” to any Aussie-Star in the recording field, not because THEY would not approve of them, (my songs are good enough), but, their “managements” do not even seem interested in acknowledging letters or e’mails forwarded to them. 
This is a very bad, unprofessional attitude on the part of Australian “entertainment/managements”. Doesn’t happen in America or the Netherlands, I feel, & “the proof is in the pudding”, so to speak, as I now come to the unusual, but welcome attitude of a Dutch Country Singer by the name of Tony Kerr (an excellent “Country vocalist/guitarist”), who records together with artistes such as Leona Williams (a former wife of the late great Merle Haggard), who is prepared to listen to some of my original compositions, and hopefully “record” a couple or three,(with the superb backing he gets with Leona & the American Country Bands).
     I find myself more than happy with this situation, & if Tony is willing to do it, I cannot be happier, because, (and now, comes the strangest part), My “Poems for Peace”, published by eLanka (top Lankan website in Australia), does contain a poem I wrote, titled “The Butterfly”, among others.
The music-clip from Tony Kerr, “Fly, butterfly, fly” also features this beautiful little creature of God, & proves that Tony is a superb natural Country Singer, himself, a talent that, he will admit, like me, is God-given. Without the Almighty, folks, we are nothing, and I am sure that Tony Kerr will fully agree with me. Please listen to Tony sing the song that made me contact him, in the first place.

Desmond Kelly
Star of eLanka

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