Firstly, I echo the sentiments of the sad, but very interesting article in your paper, regarding Ronnie. It was indeed a superb eulogy of a really great guy who was always “the life of the party”, and, at the same time, a humble “down to earth” type, who loved everyone around him, and, in so doing, “inherited” the reciprocation of those who had the privilege of seeing “Thattaya” on stage or screen, and even more so, as my brother Ian & I did, in person. I remember meeting Ronnie many years ago, in Melbourne and I was struck by his humble attitude, even though he was already a household name in Lanka, at the time. Brother Ian, who lives in Sri Lanka, also loved this guy who was taken from us, far too early & together with each & every Lankan/Aussie plus every Sri Lankan Patriot, all over the World, who knew & loved this funny, talented guy, I would like to send our sincere condolences to his wife, son & daughter, in fact, to all his family & “fans” over there, in Our Lovely Island Home. 

     It really does not matter now, but, I was under the impression that Ronnie’s Surname was “Leach”, as printed on his birth certificate. His name is now being circulated as “Leitch” & I wish to correct this, as he would have wanted me to do. I would now simply say “Vale, Ronnie Leach”.

All your family, friends & fans will miss you, mate (as we say in Australia), we will never forget you, your unforgettable antics, your bald pate, shining, your singing & your “Sarama”

May you now rest in peace, Ronnie & may God bless you.

Desmond Kelly.

Editor, eLanka.


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